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Rise of farm machines



Mechanization refers to the development, adoption, assembly, manufacture and application of location-specific and cost-effective agricultural machinery like the agricultural tramline which connects far-flung areas to the nearest road network.

The development and adoption of modern, appropriate, cost-effective and environmentally-safe agricultural machinery and equipment enhance farm productivity and efficiency which proved crucial during the health emergency to achieve food security and increase rural income.

Agricultural mechanization refers to the development, adoption, assembly, manufacture and application of appropriate, location-specific and cost-effective agricultural machinery.

Based on studies, two of the barriers confronting farmers and agricultural workers are lack of machinery and technical expertise.

Aside from addressing lack of machinery, appropriate training for the agricultural sector will equip industry players, particularly farmers, with valuable skills and know-how that will give them a competitive edge. Young people nowadays no longer want to plant crops but instead migrate to urban areas and opt for employment.


With concerted efforts, we can improve our standing because it will be very beneficial for the agriculture sector. Mechanization can significantly bring down the cost of labor particularly for labor-intensive crops such as rice, corn and sugar.

It will help solve many of the problems encountered by industry players due to low production, lack of manual labor and outdated farming practices.

Adequate food supply is non-negotiable in whatever state the economy is in.