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Bongbong’s quixotic quest

Bongbong Marcos has more than once presented himself before a national electorate. He’s won and lost, judged each time, against criteria directly applicable to him.



In a mature political milieu, an elusive utopia where both sides across a partisan aisle pursue only the public interest, fully realizing the imperatives of a perennial political battle that’s been keeping us from truly progressing, the realization of a vice presidency under Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos sans the vitriol of revisionism may be the hope that’s eluded us.

Some say that is blindly ideal and naïve. That we are dreaming. But what is wrong with idealism? To paraphrase Cervantes on the irony of quixotic quests, why accept reality if reality is mad?

Should we not seek the ideal under a present leader? Not the Marcos of the past. Keloids and calluses have cauterized, layered and left fading scars over ancient wounds. Those are the natural responses of the body. Perhaps we can learn from nature’s resiliency.

As we vet Bongbong, it is ludicrous to resurrect the specter of martial law as well as fears that a second Marcos presidency would rewrite history. We know the truth about the 20 or so years. Nobody can forget those nor is anyone trying to rewrite the truth. History has been written. Facts cannot be changed, save for it to be studied under values and hues that time and maturing attitudes compel.

To force the Marcos children to admit what everyone knows will not make it truer. Truth does not have degrees. It is as absolute as the reality that Bongbong is innocent of accusations levied against others.

Note the utterly impossible demands that pent-up blinding hate, rabid bloodlust and inflamed passions inflicted on Bongbong. The victims of martial law want the children of Ferdinand Marcos to admit to circumstances they, the children, had not personally caused, save for expressing unquestioning filial love amid a mountain of hate.

Paternal inequities are not visited on innocent children. Not when they’ve come unto their own and, in the case of Bongbong, where he has proven, not simply a committed desire to lift the lot of his constituencies, but the capacity to craft policies both patriotic and profoundly significant. Compare him to the lazy and inexperienced bungling buffoon we once stupidly installed as president.

To compel an admission against self-interest for one who is not personally guilty of the specific crimes charged is grossly unfair. This is worsened by insisting an undetermined amount of wealth that remains in the realm of speculation and accusation be returned sans due process. One must remember Bongbong has not been accused much less charged with plundering what they insist he returns. Cast in the mystic mists of conjecture, what specific law are they invoking that he must follow if he were not guilty?

Bongbong Marcos has more than once presented himself before a national electorate. He’s won and lost, judged each time, against criteria directly applicable to him and arrayed against others he competed. He has been vetted and the votes he’s garnered have been enough for a national mandate. That’s a quantifiable reality. More than that, the numbers show how the electorate has discounted the negativities many insist on pinning on a man innocent of the faults they attribute to someone else.

We need a Vice President keenly attuned, intelligent and articulate with a heart in the right place, loved and respected, and most important, driven to be successful, both as an exemplary and inspiring leader and one for the books that have recorded a history of mostly the worst.