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ACCI clears Club 515 of COVID violations




The Alabang Country Club Inc. (ACCI) on Saturday released the results of its investigation and ruled that the Club 515 did not breach COVID-19 protocols when it organized a two-day event on 28 and 29 August.

The ACCI board, guided by the recommendation of the special committee, concluded that the two-day event was not a regular golf tournament but “only a friendly game to celebrate the birthdays of some 515 members falling from April to August 2020.”

Alabang declared that it has been complying with IATF regulations, including the ban on club-sponsored tournaments.

In connection with the Club 515, ACCI said its investigation showed that “the friendly competition was held within the parameters set by the IATF rules.”

The event drew 75 participants, all members of Club 515.

A maximum of four players made up each flight with a 15-minute interval between flights.

Other club members not affiliated with Club 515 were allowed to play.

Each participant made his reservation through the automated reservation system.

There were no spectators during the event. Golfers stayed within safe distance from each other since the course sits on a 74-hectare lot.

Wearing of masks was mandatory except for a few who were asked to remove it briefly for photo opportunities.

Packed lunches were ordered for those who played on Saturday so they had the option to bring them home.

Around 10 participants decided to consume the packed lunches in the club, conscious of social distancing.

Raffle prizes put up by the birthday celebrators were held via the ZOOM platform.

The ACCI said it takes club protocols seriously and has adopted measures to enforce them.

These include deputizing additional safety officers to constantly remind the strict adherence to health and preventive protocols;

Close monitoring via CCTV camera of members, employees, workers and providers;

Continuous release of official advisories and communications through the club’s social media accounts like Facebook and Viber to ensure awareness and compliance of members with IATF rules and regulations.

The ACCI added that it regularly holds refresher training of staff and strictly enforces the rule against sharing of food among members and guests dining in the club.

“The published articles have unfairly dragged the club into the limelight with its false portrayal of a seemingly insensitive breach of health protocols,” the ACCI said.

“While there was no real violation, this perceived transgression of rules resulted in heightened anxiety for our members, the public and the government,” ACCI added.

In its desire to impose discipline and strict compliance with government rules and health protocols, the ACCI strongly reprimanded all participants with a warning that a repeat will merit a severe penalty.

The ACCI also ordered Club 515 to issue a letter of apology addressed to the members of the club.

A day before ACCI released its findings, Daily Tribune published Club 515’s lengthy letter of explanation and apology to club members in its digital edition.