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Pandemonium over ‘pandemic babies’

Louise Lizan



Julia answers pregnancy issue with a photo of well-toned abs. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/JULIABARRETTO

Another year, another controversy for onscreen partners Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson after newscaster Jay Sonza alleged in a Facebook post on 20 September that they are expecting their first baby.

In said post, Sonza congratulated Gerald and neighbor Julia for proving they are fertile.

“After months of love lockdown and ESQ (exact sex quadrant), may nabuo sa sinapupunan ni Julia (After months of lockdown and ESQ (exact sex quadrant), something formed in Julia’s womb),” Sonza added.

“Fake news!” the actors in question responded. Julia posted a photo of her toned abs, captioned, “FAKE NEWS.” Gerald shared a clip from his current drama A Soldier’s Heart with a caption about fake news.

“Sa panahon ngayon na ang bilis kumalat ng ‘FAKE NEWS’… Akala ko magiging ‘FAKE NEWS’ din ang A Soldier’s Heart (During these times when fake news spreads fast, I thought A Soldier’s Heart would be fake news as well),’” the actor wrote with high hopes that the show will continue after months of delay.

‘Leave Julia Barretto Alone’  
Netizens have rallied behind the Star Magic actress with the Twitter tag, “Leave Julia Barretto Alone” claiming that she is receiving too much hatred for a rumor that even if turns out to be true, is not something to be hated upon.

GERALD Anderson and Julia Barretto respond ‘fake news’ to Jay Sonza’s pregnancy claim.

Others also compared that the treatment of Sofia Andres having a baby with boyfriend Daniel Miranda and the alleged pregnancy of Janella Salvador with partner Markus Paterson were far better than how Julia’s pregnancy rumor was received.

Julia is this generation’s most controversial Barretto after being involved in last year’s third-party skirmish between Bea Alonzo and Gerald, leaving adrift former partner Joshua Garcia, with whom Julia recently made amends.

Julia was also the target in her grandfather’s funeral fiasco which involved a physical confrontation with aunts Gretchen and Claudine Barretto. Recently, the Julia-and-Gerald rumor arose once more after they were allegedly seen in the actor’s Zambales beach house together.

Despite the baggage of belonging to a controversial family, the 23-year-old actress revealed in a recent interview with G3 San Diego, “What’s not to love about being a Barretto? I love it because of my grandfather.”

‘I’m not allowed to jump’
Janella’s pregnancy rumors started with a simple phrase: “Oh my God. I almost jumped and that’s not good. I’m not allowed to jump,” Janella, though not visible in the video, was heard saying in boyfriend Markus’ Facebook livestream.

This phrase, however, gave “birth” to a hundred speculations that the 22-year-old is pregnant — because not being allowed to jump could be a pregnancy precaution.

The couple had just gone public with their romantic relationship on 12 September. Paterson shared a video of them slow-dancing to the song, “Me and Mrs. Jones,” and sharing a sweet kiss in the end with the caption, “My (world).”

Meanwhile, Salvador posted a memory of their trip to Osaka. “The best hugs in the world from the best potato in the world,” the caption reads. Rumors of their relationship first sprouted in August 2019 with the two young stars carefully treading the topic when asked.

A source from confirmed that Janella is pregnant and will be giving birth this October, yet none of those involved have neither confirmed nor denied the issue.

JULIA Barretto remains unfazed amid controversies.

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