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Catriona fights back; fans defend Xyriel

Kathleen A. Llemit




It’s a tale of two women subjected to unwanted attention. Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray went to court on 18 September to sue a tabloid that published nude photos allegedly hers, but which she claimed as fake. Former child star Xyriel Manabat, meanwhile, had netizens coming to her defense after lewd comments on her Instagram post.

The beauty queen was accompanied by her talent manager Erickson Raymundo and legal counsel Joji Alonso at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office on 18 September.

“The first case has been filed before the Quezon City Prosecutors Office while we await the results of the NBI investigation on the identification of other respondents,” Alonso posted on her Instagram account (@attyjoji) on 19 September.

The tabloid Bulgar published the alleged topless photos on its Facebook page on 18 July and in a print article the following day, 19 July.

On 21 July, Catriona sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation to locate the source of the nude photos. The photos were published following a controversy involving Catriona, her current boyfriend Sam Milby, and ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad.

On 30 July, Catriona’s camp sent a demand letter to Bulgar, with editor Janice Navida and writer Melba Llanera as respondents.

On 4 August, Navida posted a statement on the Bulgar website. It read in part: “Hope, too, that you may see our intention to help you in clearing your name to the whole universe that the nude photo circulating online is fake and edited only, that’s why when we learned about your clarification on the matter, we quickly posted your camp’s statement on our Facebook page and website to enlighten everybody about that controversial photo.”

Xyriel victimized by maniacs
Meanwhile, former child star Xyriel Manabat was subjected to lewd comments after she posted a selfie on her Instagram account (@xyrielamanabat). She posted the same photo but with different angles of her wearing a tight white T-shirt that showed off her ample bust on Monday and last weekend.

These were captioned with the mechanics of a sponsored contest. Netizens reacted with suggestive and sexual comments.

But others called out the negative comments, asking to stop sexualizing the teen actress.

The 16-year-old recently graduated from high school. She took a break from showbiz to concentrate on her studies. She rose to fame after starring in several dramas, notably the inspirational 100 Days to Heaven in 2011.