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Banned Geisler cries for justice

Ian Suyu



Former Olympian Donnie Geisler expressed frustration over his expulsion from the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA).

Geisler, who represented the country in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, tagged his expulsion from the federation as an unexpected and unfortunate decision.

He said all accusations hurled at him by federation officials were baseless and was just meant to stop him from pursuing his business and passion in teaching the sport.

“From the looks of it, these are all baseless and intended to create leverage against me,” said Geisler in a statement that came a day after the PTA announced that he had been declared as persona non-grata.

“The truth is on my side and I will continue with this uphill battle until such time that discriminatory actions are stopped and justice is served.”

The feud between Geisler and the federation that gave him a break during his playing days had been simmering for the past couple of months.

It started when Geisler invited national athletes Samuel Morrison and Arven Alcantara to conduct online training in his Donnie Geisler Taekwondo Training Center without seeking permission from the PTA.

Geisler filed a case in the Philippine Competition Commission last May, saying that what the federation’s decision was discriminatory and anti-competitive against him.

Two months later, he filed a pair of legal case, this time libel and cyber libel allegations against PTA secretary general Rocky Samson.

Last Monday, the PTA formally cut its ties with its former golden boy as Manolo Gabriel, the PTA sanction committee chairman, announced that they have declared Geisler persona non-grata and stripped him of his rights and privileges as member of the federation.

“We still want to get to the bottom of this issue, we know that there’s truth that must be heard coming from my side,” Geisler said.

“Now, we are doing our moves. We are going to answer this soon. I’m sure this will not end here. A lot of things will be coming along the way.”