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Asia rises together



Medical technicians in San Fernando, Pampanga test equipment inside a sterile lab during the inauguration and turnover of the Pandemic Sub-National Reference Laboratory at the Jose B. Lingad Memorial Hospital. Test, test, test has become the battle cry of health experts in the country as infection cases remain among the highest in the region.

While Western countries have mostly gone solo in the fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Asian nations are taking the solidarity path by combining forces which was part of the significant outcomes of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank.

Ministers in the region decided to form a united front in which the ADB will provide the financial muscle to the recovery effort.

To get over the virus hump, the ADB pledged to coordinate with global institutions such as the World Health Organization and the global vaccine alliance of giant drug firms in obtaining a COVID-19 cure.



ADB had released to members $7.2 billion in financing related to the campaign against the plague, with $4 billion in replenishment through the Asian Development Fund.

To effectively battle the pathogen, the multilateral agency is also setting up a center for Asian countries to draw experiences in the raising of needed government funds.

After effectively battling and surviving the contagion, a united Asia is expected to reassume its role as the main engine of global growth.