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As organizations increase their focus on building a healthy environment, technology has become bullish in providing solutions to ensure the health and well-being of workers slowly returning to work. Such is Cognian Technologies, a fast-growing Australian technology company, which announced its partnership with Microsoft, Barhead, Reekoh and Mirvac, aiming to bring a safe return to work experience with the promotion of ‘safe and healthy’ buildings.

Cognian, a smart building provider, is gearing to cater to the ‘new normal’ framework by improving tenant experience while maintaining its profits through optimized operations. Mark Blum, CEO of Cognian, said: “Collaborating with technologies such as Microsoft Azure IoT is a huge step in our mission to transform buildings into human-centred spaces which evolve as the needs of the people who inhabit them change.”

Cognian has deployed an end-to-end solution into Barhead and Reekoh’s head office in Sydney (for the safety of its staff and visitors) and a “live lab” for smart building experience beyond COVID-19. “Work environments will only become more multi-dimensional and dynamic post-pandemic — business solutions must be adaptive, secure and scalable above anything else,” Ken Struthers, CEO of Barhead, said.

In keeping with the demands of the new normal, technology also aims to address concerns and several issues of people and beyond, namely: hygiene, safety, wellness and operational efficiency. Blum said: “We’re thrilled to have expanded our partner ecosystem with such a prestigious group of companies, and look forward to collaborating on solutions including cleaner audits, social distancing compliance monitoring, contact tracing and environmental reporting — which are absolute must-haves as Australians return to the office post COVID.”