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A good night’s sleep



Movenpick in Bangkok offers YouBed in one of its rooms. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF YOUBED

Ever slept in a hotel and wonder where those comfy beds are from? You might not be the only one though.

That’s the number one priority of any hotel — to provide a good night’s sleep for its guests, a promise that is quite a tricky one to keep since people have different preferences as to what a comfortable bed should be.

YouBed, a Swedish company, together with Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council introduces a bed innovation that combines personalization and comfort — a one of a kind bed fit for global introduction.

Its firmness is modifiable with the high-level pocket spring mattress that can be adjusted using a remote, altogether providing a unique sleep concept believed to be game-changing for the hotel industry.


Anyone sleeping on a YouBed mattress can control its softness or firmness.

Mattias Sörensen, CEO and founder of YouBed, said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if our innovation creates a paradigm shift within the hotel industry, and it is our responsibility to support this development in the best way possible. We have therefore spent years proving the sleep concept, while also creating the infrastructure and capacity to support an expected global demand.”

YouBed is already initiating dialogues with regional hotel groups that could help in its introduction to the world.

“YouBed decided early on to use our existing support structures, a shortcut for leading companies to quickly access global markets. As we got involved early in the process, we could tailor our involvement based on this long-term business relationship. We are really proud to be part of the establishment of a new Swedish multinational company, and to support their game-changing innovation in the capacity it deserves,” Fredrik Fexe, executive vice president and head of Strategy and Business Development at Business Sweden, said.

YouBed is available at all Mövenpick Hotels in Europe, as well as in the Scandinavian First Hotels and Scandic Hotels.