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Siomai King lets you enjoy, experience authentic Chinese food while at home




Craving authentic Chinese dimsum and beef noodles but afraid to leave your home as the infectious coronavirus is still lurking everywhere?  Don’t fret, Siomai King online ordering portal will bring you what you crave right at your doorstep.

Siomai King Express has recently launched its seasonal products for you to cook, enjoy and experience the unique taste of Taiwan Beef Noodles, Pork Gyoza, Vegetarian Kuchai and regular Pork Dumplings, the oriental zesty taste of Spicy Chicken, Spicy squid and Spicy pork when you order through its ordering portal.

Don’t skip the spicy chicken, spicy pork and spicy squid when you place your order.

You may also include in your order list the Siomai King Express’ unique Taiwan Asado and Bola bola siopao that boast about their rich taste.  And don’t forget to order  Manthou with four choices to choose from.

These seasonal products are easy to prepare, with cooking instruction indicated on every product you ordered, so you will surely turn your dining room into a Chinese restaurant in no time!


Don’t forget to try Mantho, where you have four flavors to choose from.

Siomai King, the first food franchise brand in the country that introduced an innovative “Online” franchise business approach to help people to earn extra cash while the country is baffled with the continued threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both Siomai King franchisees and customers alike can enjoy delectable frozen oriental choices, and giving the former additional earnings while at the comfort and safety of their homes.

As the demand continue to grow, Siomai King commits to develop and innovate more of its services and providing its growing customers more options by strategically adding quality frozen food products in its menu.

So the next time you want to experience that distinctive Chinese food, just grab your phone, and order online! Let Siomai King satisfy your oriental appetite!