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Lady Gaga tackles own mental health in ‘911’ MV

Care Balleras



Lady Gaga tackles her own experience with antipsychotic medication through  911’s music video released on 19 September.

The video with over five million views as of  posting time was highly inspired by 1969 Armenian film ‘The Color of Pomegranates’.

The video splayed out on an Egyptian desert with characters wearing vibrant outfits. Gaga, meanwhile, is still at her A-game channeling her early career identity with elaborate make-up and outfits.

Little Monsters were shook to the core when the plot twist played out in the end giving a glimpse of Gaga hallucinating after a car accident.

The ‘Chromatica’ mastermind shared to Billboard that the process of making this music video was really personal to her and she felt alive doing it than any other track from the album.