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DOH cold on total lifting of lockdown: ‘Approach it with caution or lose previous progress’

Gabbie Parlade



The Department of Health (DOH) on Friday said that the complete lifting of lockdown should be approached with caution as it endangers losing the progress previously earned.

Their pronouncement came after a group of medical experts urged for this initiative as lockdowns are taking a heavy toll on the country’s economy.

In a statement, the DOH said the move might lead to a possible surge of cases, which in turn would affect the national health system capacity.

“Slowly but surely. If we hurry, we run the risk of losing what progress we have made, endangering the lives of people and overburdening the health care system,” the department said.

“If these things happen, we will again be put into tighter lockdowns and go through the process again,” DOH also added.

The health department reiterated that it is important to pursue policies that consider not only the livelihood of others but more importantly the health and safety of the majority.

On Thursday, the group of the Concerned Doctors and Citizens Ph said one of their eyed proposals is to utilize hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis treatment against COVID-19.

They claimed that if administered in the right dosage it may also help in the recovery of low risk and high-risk patients.

However, the DOH said that based on the findings by the Food and Drug Administration—the lead agency in drug regulation—hydroxychloroquine has issues in its safety due to adverse effects on the organs in the body.

It includes serious heart issues, blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries, and even liver problems.

They also said that in contrast to what the groups of doctors said, hydroxychloroquine combined with any antiviral agent or with azithromycin is not recommended.

This is mostly relevant among COVID-19 patients who are on probable and confirmed cases, in the mild stages or as a preventive medication.

“Let’s stick to what has been proven to be effective. Our minimum health standards such as handwashing, wearing of face masks, and physical distancing,” the DOH said.