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Brightwin’s new Pinoy love

Potato Corner Thailand blends the next perfect mix with its newest endorsers, the BrightWin’s couple and the hint of sourness and hotness in its newest flavor, Tom Yum.

Louise Lizan



Potato Corner’s newest flavor Tom Yum fries and chicken. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF FB/POTATO CORNER THAILAND

If Tine and Sarawat are the campus’ perfect match who can’t get enough of each other in the 2gether series, offscreen it’s the world’s best Potato Corner fries that Bright Vachirawit Chiva-aree and Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn have fallen completely in love with — especially the newest Tom Yum flavor with levels of spiciness to die for.

“The more you have, the happier you get,” says Win, munching on his Mega buckets of Tom Yum (Spicy Soup) and cheese-flavored fries with Bright beside him, eating his own bucket filled with BBQ and truffle-flavored fries. Between them is another Potato Corner specialty Chicken Pops, which the two devour.

From a small kiosk rooted in SM Megamall in October 1992 by Joe Magsaysay or Jomag, the now-globally famous food franchise Potato Corner now has thousands of stalls sprouting in the malls of 13 countries worldwide including Thailand.

Potato Corner Thailand blends the next perfect mix with its newest endorsers, the BrightWin’s couple, with their undeniable chemistry, and the hint of sourness and hotness in its newest flavor Tom Yum.

Besides the original and best selling flavors Cheese, BBQ, Spicy BBQ and Sour Cream, it also offers special flavors such as Truffle, Sweet Corn, and, of course, its newest Tom Yum (Spicy Soup). The affordable price range will not make any wallets suffer from ordering as many buckets of each flavor as possible, with each fry freshly made
cooked-to-order and drowning in Potato Corner’s flavor powders.

“Usually, you get the flavor on some fries but not on every piece,” Bright said. “But here, you get all the flavor in every piece of Potato Corner’s fries.” While Win described the fries as hot, crunchy and very tasty, as every flavor burst inside their mouths.

ENJOY each flavor-filled Potato Corner fries straight from the bucket.

Buckets of fries are mixed and matched with Potato Corner’s Chicken Pops that all have the same flavors. One can go from a truffle-flavored fries paired with the
BBQ-flavored Chicken Pops and so forth, whichever one prefers to mix. Every trip from Potato Corner can have load of flavors to mix and match from, each combination even tastier than the last.

Each cup from every Potato Corner in Thailand contains the same quality goodness, but a policy is in place if the fries aren’t up to its standards. “If you find that the fries that you got were not crispy or hot enough or if you have fries left more than half of a cup, you can go back to the store with a receipt and ask them to change it and they will make another one for you,” Bright explained. This is the Potato Corner’s Happy Sure policy to ensure that its customers are happy and satisfied with every bucket of fries.

“I must say, the more you eat Potato Corner, the happier you get,” Win exclaimed. “I can’t stop.”

Bright and Win play the famous Sarawat and Tine (known as SarawaTine) couple from the famous lakorn 2gether: The Series, the Boys Love drama everybody was obsessed in during the quarantine, their fame skyrocketing both locally and internationally.

It’s second season, Still 2gether: The Series ended last 11 September.