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Slaying entrepreneurship in a pandemic




Jibby and Charisse Tinio believe that opportunities are open to all. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CHARISSE TINIO

Everyone has high hopes for 2020: clear vision, fast paced and ahead of the game. For some, it is their year of breakthrough. But here we are in a global pandemic. It changed our perspectives, routines, our faith and even the country’s economic landscape.

How do we take this pandemic? For the woman behind Nice Print Photography, Charisse Tinio, crying was an option, but instead she remained hopeful. She saw the opportunity to fulfill her dreams, and do things she could not do before because of her hectic schedule. This pandemic allowed her the much needed pause and reflect on her next actions.

Charisse really likes to cook for her family. That passion brought a business idea from having the necessity to create meals with fresh herbs from her backyard. Many businesses during the pandemic period had stopped operations to cut losses. Charisse, however, managed to think of opening a business. She posted her love for cooking and use of fresh herbs, and some friends began asking where to buy them. It became a legit business, hence, MRS HERBS PH. Amazingly, this helps her suppliers, the farmers, earn during the health crisis.

Clean deal 
The pandemic caused people to become vigilant of their health and follow prevention and precautionary measures to protect themselves from the spread of the virus.

Charisse is meticulous when it comes to cleanliness and her kids’ safety — always disinfecting everything she touches and spraying its surfaces with alcohol. But eventually, as her husband would say, the items can be damaged or lose its quality from frequently spraying disinfectants. Charisse thought of ways to disinfect her belongings while still caring for them.

She introduced her Speedster solutions product line. You can now clean objects with the formulated disinfectant without damaging surfaces. Give your belongings that kind of shield by disinfecting them with six to eight hours of protection. All are 100 percent locally-made.

Her product line includes Speedster Car Care disinfectant for car interiors; Spritz & Go Leather Care disinfectant for all kinds of leather bags, shoes, wallets, keychains; Shoo Away Sneaker disinfectant and deodorizer that is especially formulated for sneakers; Cleantech Gadget cleaner and disinfectant and degreaser in one, which is safe for all electronic gadgets and accessories; comes with a wipe and microfiber pouch; and Helmet disinfectant for all types of helmets.


Freshly-baked ube ensaymada.

Delicious ventures
When Charisse is not present in her Nice Print events, she is undeniably inside her kitchen! Aside from cooking, she also loves to bake. One of her creations became an instant favorite when her family and friends tasted it. They encouraged her to sell it, and so she takes pride in opening CREMOSA PH, offering premium and original ensaymadas. Pinoys love breads, and ensaymadas are a classic favorite. She hired a baker and taught her secret and tasty recipe. The creamy and yummy ensaymadas are freshly baked and pre-order her Cremosa’s cheesy ensaymadas and ube ensaymadas in boxes of six or by the dozen.

Collaborations in quarantine times are possible and a great way to support each other. People do find creative and practical ways to continue their businesses, especially those in the F&B industry.

With partners from CCA, The Old Spaghetti House and Melt Grilled Cheesery, Charisse launched a unique idea that is a cut between serving food trays, dining in a restaurant  and having a catering, which is called Prep’d.

Since Pinoys like to cook, the goal is to have everything one needs to prepare amazing dishes at home. Everything is prepared in the commissary to make your cooking worry-free. Prep’d will deliver to you a box of fresh ingredients, pre-cut, all measured and with instructions. It’s as simple as following the sticker numbering of the ingredients, and it comes with a QR code and a 30-second video. The idea is for customers to enjoy the restaurant-level food in the company of loved ones at home.

Nice virtual walls
People like to decorate their walls with artworks, photos and anything memorable. Charisse observed that people became more sentimental and were missing certain activities since this pandemic started.

The enterprising Charisse thought of introducing a new innovation under Nice Print Photography. She created a website called The Wallery, which is actually a wall gallery that gives users the flexibility to access and process their photo and framing needs, with just a few clicks. Just go to the website, upload your photos, choose a frame, make enhancements and it will be printed and framed. Shipping takes three to four days. It is now easy to relive, preserve and display memories from travels, celebrations and special life moments.

The pandemic taught Charisse significant lessons. She believes that opportunities are open to all, but we cannot remain inactive and stagnant. This may be the great pause in our lives, but we have to keep on moving forward. Charisse knows what the market needs and considers practicality as part of her survival as an entrepreneur. Launching five ventures is inspiring and a reminder that anyone, most especially women, has the power to start anything that sparks their love and passion, and turn it into a thriving enterprise.

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More shopping experiences under ‘new normal’ at SM Masinag

David John Cubangbang



It is said that disinfectant foggers reduce or eliminate microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew.

Shoppers can now get their cars safely sanitized while they run errands and do shopping.

Shoppers who have a minimum or accumulated receipt purchase of P5,000 from any mall tenant/s of the same day can avail of a free anti-bacterial fogging for their car interior.

Plantitos and Plantitas need not worry about where to find their latest venture with their plant collection as SM City Masinag opens ‘Green Hub’ – a special store for gardening needs. Green Hub offers a hassle-free plant shopping experience. ‘Plantipolo Blooms’, a local gardening shop in Antipolo City sells ornamental plants, herbs, and pots.

Located at the service lane of SM City Masinag near SM Supermarket, shoppers won’t need to leave the mall to buy plants and other essentials after running other errands.

As the use of bicycles surged in this quarantine period, SM Supermalls installed special racks for shoppers and its employees to park their bicycles. Aside from shoppers’ individual chains and locks, the bike parking, including at SM City Masinag’s Open Parking A, is secured with dedicated security personnel to monitor and guide shoppers on where to park their bikes. A maximum of 72 bicycles can occupy the bike racks at SM City Masinag’s bike parking.

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Gatty’s farm-fresh edge

Francine M. Marquez




The coronavirus crisis is literally turning out to be a test of one’s strength. And this is not just in conducting business but especially on the personal front as well. With months of quarantine and practicing safety protocols at home and outdoors, the key to surviving is also eating healthy, exercising and doing all we can to stay mentally steady.

With the eased quarantine in the metro and the efforts of government agencies like the Department of Tourism and the Department of Trade and Industry, agricultural products and artisanal food items are made more available through pop-up physical bazaars in malls and through online stores. This is such a boost for our small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

The Department of Agriculture continues to report that our Filipino farmers are ageing, with the average age as 57 and with the assumption that the average life span of Pinoys is 70 years old. This means that in a few years, we’ll have a shortage of farmers as the younger generation are migrating in urban centers to reach dream jobs in offices, commercial centers, or factories.

But there’s some good sunshine that’s somehow lightening up this pandemic — one that’s a quantum leap above the sweet plantita and plantito phenomenon. On social media feeds, the farm-fresh items that have become inaccessible due to various stages of lockdowns have been made within reach by passionate millennial entrepreneurs who bring in a new face to agriculture with their savviness in technology and digital transformation.


Hopefully, this could finally be a shift in everyone’s mindset as this generation of entrepreneurs know the importance of nurturing communities who need to connect with their food and of taking good care of their farmers as fellow stakeholders to truly make the farm business thrive. After all, agriculture is the foundation of our economy. Our rich natural resources are essential in infusing capital for industries.

How refreshing, for instance, to see entrepreneurs like Justin Gatmaitan of Gatty’s Fruit Farm feeding our Instagram with enticing photos of happy harvests from his family’s farm in Davao and Quezon.

From sweet pomelos, durian fruits of all kinds and beautifully shaped dragon fruits to raw wild honey and native chocolates, Gatty’s Fruit Farm truly energizes not just one’s quarantined body but also offers cheer to hungry minds awaiting the end of this pandemic.

In a phone interview, 32-year-old Justin expresses that sense of positivity and verve so important in growing businesses. A self-confessed people kind of person, Justin says his business has also been challenged, of course, but he was able to bounce back with the help of e-commerce, studying the market, “a lot of hard work” and, of course, sincerity.


Langkong Lanzones

On starting young, his other hustles and advice to newbie entrepreneurs, here’s our interview with Justin.

How did you get into this kind of enterprise?

I started selling the fruits of my dad in the village Saturday market in high school. My first ever work experience. Started my first business after I graduated as an independent distributor of Nu Skin Enterprises, a skin care and health care company. Learned lots of my business skillset from that one and applied it to the farm to adapt to the digital trend.

How has the farm been since the pandemic? What challenges did you face during this period?

The farm, growth wise, has been standard. The crops in season are blooming and fruiting as scheduled. Major challenge for us is definitely logistics as we opted to sell our fruits in nearby markets instead of bringing them in to Manila. The different rules of quarantine across area borders is too risky and was too much of a hassle for us to push a shipment to Manila. Flights from Davao to Manila are hard too making cargo queues long with a higher risk of spoilage.


BUKIDNON Wild Forest Honey.

What harvests have you been producing and are selling now?

We’ve been selling our Longkong Lanzones and Durian in Davao and our papayas in Quezon province. We sell our packed goods here in Manila, our cacao products and honey which we ship nationwide.

What preparations did you go through to run Gatty’s Fruit Farm?

I’ve been in business for 10 years now since I started distributing Nu Skin in 2010. The business experience, discipline and life lessons you learn along the way molds you to the person you are now. The biggest help would be the business, people and communication skills I learned through my 10 years partnering with Nu Skin alongside the discipline I got from being a student athlete (in De La Salle University) up until college playing football.


JUSTIN with Gatty’s Fruit Farm’s harvest of sweet pomelos.

What’s your advice for those who want to start an enterprise like Gatty’s Fruit Farm?

Just do it. Start a business. Get out of your comfort zone. Take that risk and take action.

During this pandemic, what are you learning about the business and about yourself as a business leader?

All challenges are opportunities to grow. Learn how to pivot and adapt because if there’s a will, there’s a way.

And as an entrepreneur: Stay positive at all times. Stick with the positive and stay away from the negative. Been applying this for most of my life and amidst these troublesome times its a good reminder to keep at it.

What makes getting into a farm business fulfilling? And how can you inspire other people of your generation to get into the farming business?

Personally, I just love connecting people. I find joy in that. Even if there is no profit to gain, I do it all the time,  sharing good information about what I enjoy or discover. Like sharing your favorite restaurant or movie or favorite video game.

I would probably say entrepreneurship as a whole is fulfilling. It’s an enabler and an equalizer. You can do a lot of great things if you put your mind to it. You can take control of your life. You can make an impact. You can lead others by leading yourself first.

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Natural is a movement

Raye Sanchez



It took some time for most Filipinos to catch up with the rest of the world when it came to embracing the benefits of skin enhancements and treatments. Thanks to the efforts of a few local dermatologists, acceptance came at last and now both cosmetics and skincare brands boom with new products that indicate various claims of skin maintenance and enhancement for people to try. While it’s a hit and miss at times, there are also foreign brands that take time to study the requirement of Filipino skin.

Enter Bioten, a European brand that harnesses the power of nature to provide high-performing products for all ages and skin types.

The skincare brand claims to harness 100 percent natural key ingredients through eco-friendly and gentle extraction methods — an essential process to preserve its actives. Each Bioten product is dermatologically tested and enhanced with advanced moisturizing agent platforms, the latest skin health guarding actives and upgraded anti-aging complexes that guarantee effectiveness.

The brand’s launch in the country introduced Bioten Skin Moisture with two variants: Normal/Combination Skin and Dry/Sensitive Skin.


Natural ingredients combined with science provides long-lasting hydration.

The green line or the normal/combination skin variant contains Quince extract that contains a high percentage of polysaccharides. The range includes a Face Cream (P349/50ml), Cleansing Gel (P349 200ml) and Micellar Water (P349/400ml).

Meanwhile, the pink line or the dry/sensitive skin variant contains Saffron which is a powerful antioxidant and helps increase skin elasticity. The range includes a Face Cream (P349/50ml), Cleansing Milk (P349/200ml), and Micellar Water (P349/400ml, P99/100ml).

Both green and pink lines contain prebiotics that increase the good bacteria and retain a healthy balance in the skin. The skincare products also have Hydronutrient 24H, an advanced moisturizing complex combining the purity of natural ingredients with science to provide long-lasting hydration.

With this skincare line and the brand’s philosophy “Caring for Nature, Caring for You,” consumers need not worry whether what they’re putting on their skin really does the job or not. Bioten’s dependency on the power of all things natural establishes it as a brand that prioritizes efficiency and sustainability.

Bioten Skin Moisture is available at Watsons, The SM Store and online on Amorfia and Lazada. Follow Bioten on Facebook (Bioten Philippines) and on Instagram (@biotenphilippines).

PRIORITIZE not only beauty, but also efficiency and sustainability.

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Face forward to new realities





As we accustom ourselves to the world we now live in, we constantly get reminded that it is not was easy as it would have been seven months ago. For everything we do, we must exercise care and caution to ensure our immediate surroundings stay clean and virus-free, thus safe for everyone around us.

While it feels overwhelming at times, we must realize that the new normal also opened other doors and set out more spaces to find one’s capability — a struggle considering the current situation.

In line with this, Rustan’s The Beauty Source, as it celebrates its eighth-year anniversary, encourages everyone to keep looking forward to the future and putting their best face forward.

Last 3 September, the beauty brand celebrated its anniversary through a Facebook live session with well-known personalities followed by the launch of its Beauty Addict Portal where guests were taken on a digital journey accessible from home.

Digital delights
Beauty addicts will be delighted to know that Rustan’s The Beauty Source has put together digital offers to make online shopping a delightful experience.

For every purchase worth P2,500, Beauty Addict members get a chance to win a luxurious shopping spree from September to 31 October.

Meanwhile, grab your goodies via Personal Shopper On Call or any Rustan’s Department store and receive a complimentary Beauty Addict membership along with 50 bonus points for new members who downloaded the Beauty Addict Mobile on the event day.

Look forward to more exciting promos for different categories per week for the whole month of September:

17 to 24 September
— Fragrance
Get 20 percent off on all Sisley fragrances.

Get percent off on all Neal’s Yard Remedies Home Fragrances.

Get 20 percent to 50 percent discount on selected Calvin Klein perfumes.

Get 20 percent to 50 percent discount on selected Marc Jacobs perfumes.

Dunhill big bottle fragrances up to 50 percent off.

25 to 30 September — Bath & Body, Nail, Hair and
Personal Care
Get 10 percent off on all Phyto products for a minimum purchase of P1,500.

Get 10 percent off on all Deborah Lippmann products for a minimum purchase of P1,500.

Get 20 percent off on selected Neal’s Yard Remedies Essential oils.

Get 10 percent off on all Elle Basic items for a minimum purchase of P1,500.

Get up to 50 percent off on all Sally Hansen items.

Join Rustan’s Viber Community and get the latest updates for all your beauty essentials, events, special discounts and more ( Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @rustansthebeautysource and visit their website Raye Sanchez @tribunephl_raye

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Web me in






Here are this week’s free webinars ranging from personal wellness to business training to keep your sanity and productivity while staying at home.

Understanding the Philippine
Mental Health Law
23 September, Wednesday
3 p.m. — 5 p.m.

Young Women’s Christian Association sheds light on RA 11036 known as Mental Health Law so everyone can have a proper understanding that there is nothing to fear when asking for help because the law safeguards them. Listen to the talk at

Stock Market 101
26 September, Saturday
6 p.m. — 7:45 p.m.

PINASimpleng Investment para Sa ating OFWs (PISO) shares the highs and lows of investing and how to thrive in this highly-competitive industry. Register now at

G Music Fest
26 September, Saturday
4 p.m. — 10 p.m.

End your very productive week with LANY, UDD, SB19, Ben&Ben and other big music artists of today as Globe brings you G Music Fest — a six-hour event exclusively available in the Philippines.

Never did we imagine that a music festival such as this will be free. Maybe this is also one of the plus sides of being locked down — artists uniting to produce something to entertain and keep us sane.

Watch the fest at

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Beauty talk





AS times change, so the demands of the society does, too, when it comes to skincare. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF SKIN 101

From “no makeup makeup,” it didn’t seem possible that beauty would continue to transform to what could well be called “half-face makeup” just because an unexpected turnout of global events would lead people to cover their faces every single day.

So here are some updates on the industry that was once described as “recession-proof.”

‘People now more accepting of skin-lifting treatments’
Dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinic Skin 101 has won two awards at this year’s virtual Tala Awards — the 3-Star Ultherapy® Control Unit and 3-Star Ultherapy® Transducer. The awards are given to Merz Aesthetics’ partner clinics with the highest acquisition of Ultherapy® control units and highest performance in terms of Ultherapy® transducer acquisition, respectively.

“People are more accepting of skin-lifting treatments like Ultherapy® because there’s no need to go under the knife,” said Skin 101 founder and Tala Awards 2020’s Bituin ng Gabi awardee Dr. Jennie Francisco-Diaz.

Ulthera Luxe Lift treatment is non-invasive. Dr. Jennie says, the learning never ends. “Times change, and so do the demands of society,” she said. “In order to keep up, it’s a must to always be on the lookout for new discoveries, new technologies, and new studies in the field of dermatology. That’s also why we are able to offer various treatments at Skin 101 — ranging from basic facials to target-specific procedures.”

Established in 2004 with a team of board-certified dermatologists, Skin 101 has grown with 14 clinics in the Philippines.

To celebrate this achievement, Skin 101 is offering 25 percent off on its Ulthera Luxe Lift treatment from 19 September to 31 October. Log on to


BOBBIE Cosmetics’ Retractable Eyebrow Pencil.

Makeup and good mental health
There are people who think makeup is superficial. But others believe makeup is a good way to take care of their mental health, allowing them to discover another version of themselves through a fun and creative outlet.

As people spend most of their time indoors due to the pandemic, they start learning new habits and skills. This includes picking up one new makeup trick or two, as they do their meditative makeup sessions. By experimenting on different looks, blending, and mixing, they can immerse themselves on a personal creative journey which can help them cope better in overwhelming situations.

Bobbie Cosmetics lists five ways on how makeup can be good for your mental health.

You’re in control of how you look. When dealing with challenges in life, sometimes we feel like we’ve lost dominance on the factors surrounding us. But when engaging in a creative activity as simple as putting on makeup, we regain a sense of control, knowing that it is our hands and our brain that decide what we want best for ourselves.

It’s a good expression of self-love. Makeup is a tool to enhance one’s natural beauty. Instead of having it as something to cover your flaws, it can be a good friend that complements your look. By adding a pop of color on your cheeks to make you look more flushed, or swiping a lipstick that tells your mood for the day, makeup is a good way to boost your self-esteem.

It’s a good break. Doing meditative makeup sessions can be a good break from working from home or attending online classes. By dedicating a “makeup me time,” pamper yourself to be artistic and playful with different looks. It can be a good time-out from daily routine and is also a creative exercise for the brain.

It’s a liberating experience. Wearing makeup is more than just a physical experience. And with all the things people need to think about every day, sometimes all they need is to face a mirror, do a little beauty ritual, and, immediately, gain an internal sense of accomplishment.

It allows people to thank their skin. Makeup enhances internal beauty. People cannot apply makeup were it not for the skin that allows them to take on this process. Makeup is about feeling comfortable living in one’s own skin.

Visit Bobbie Cosmetics on Instagram @bobbiecosmetics.

ANGEL Jones’ latest obsession is taking care of her skin.

40 as a pivotal age
To modern women, 40 marks the pivotal age when they bloom into their best selves. Today, aging does not define women. Rather than be undone by it, they have taken it upon themselves to characterize what turning 40 means for them: an age when there more to look forward to in life.

Society has always viewed aging as one of life’s most humbling experiences, but Angel Jones has junked this outdated script to show women how to rewrite their attitudes. “I believe, with proper diet and exercise, inner happiness is the fountain of youth. Age doesn’t stop me from doing things I love and makes me happy,” she says.

Because life experiences prepared her for this moment, Aubrey Miles feels unshackled by the mental limitations that held her back in her younger years. “I love this age. I feel that I can achieve more. I can be anything I want with proper supplementation of powerful anti-oxidants that keep me looking and feeling by best,” she says.

Pia Guanio-Mago is enjoying her vitality and confidence even more, notably while she relishes the romantic thrill of spending quality time with her husband. “My husband and I try to do some things together like cooking and playing golf. Even in quarantine, we assign a night in a week for ‘date nights’ at home,” she says.

While they may have noticeable changes in the way their body works or feels, these women all take proactive measures that embrace their new reality with a daily program of self-advocacy.

Angel sums it up neatly into a perfect trifecta: “Eat healthy, exercise, healthy mind set, proper skin care.” The latter is especially important, given that early signs of aging begin to appear as soon as women hit the age of 30.

“I try to be very dutiful about my daily beauty regimen.  Toner and sunblock after morning shower, cleansing with make-up-removing oils, facial soap and moisturizer at night,” Pia says, adding that she also takes a powerful supplement to reduce signs of aging such as sagging skin, fine lines, and dark spots. “I never forget to drink my two capsules of Myra Ultimate at night.”

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Vibrant passage through Manila history

Roel Hoang Manipon



The centerpiece of the Lagusnilad Underpass is the mural created by NCCA and Gerilya.

Passageways — tunnels, underpasses, bridges — have become spaces for commerce and, recently, for recreation and culture.

Otherwise regarded as structures to pass through, these utilitarian spaces, such as those in Manila, have become decrepit and dank for many years. The Lagusnilad Pedestrian Underpass, for instance, have been congested with all sorts of stalls like in a market place.

Built in 1963, the Lagusnilad Pedestrian Underpass, which connects Manila City Hall and Intramuros, is one of the oldest underpasses in the country, along with another nearby underpass, which also leads to Intramuros from the Metropolitan Theater of Manila and Mehan Garden. Lagusnilad primarily refers to the nearby vehicular underpass, that branches out to Taft Avenue and Padre Burgos Avenue.

The Lagusnilad Underpass became part of Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Domagoso’s cleaning, beautification and rehabilitation efforts for the historic city, particularly the Lawton area that includes Manila City Hall and several prominent structures.

In spite of the controversy it gained, the underpass was cleared of vendors and stalls, and cleaned. The rehabilitation began in November 2019 and cost P5 million — the amount said to have come from donations from private companies like Boysen Paints, as well as government agencies such as the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA).

The renovated underpass was unveiled on 24 August in a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna. It is in a modern style accented by Spanish colonial elements, designed by architect Antonio Toledo. Vertical gardens near the entrances greet passersby. Directions in the signage glow with light, translated in the Old Tagalog abugida or . The walls feature large, lit photographs of Manila tourist and historic spots such as the Santa Ana Church, the San Sebastian Cathedral, the Manila Post Office Building, and the Rizal Monument.

The underpass redevelopment was designed by architect Juanito Malaga, John Benedict Fallorina, Sean Patrick Ortiz and Leon Centeno Tuazon, all alumni of the University of Santo Tomas, in collaboration with Manila’s Department of Engineering and Public Works.

Raven Angel Rivota of the Far Eastern University, Edrian Garcia and John Leyson created the signs.

Aside from the design, persistent issues such as flooding have been addressed by the National Capital Region branch of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

Security and vagrancy are handled by the Manila City Security Office and Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila. CCTV cameras were installed and are connected to the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office command center. An interactive information desk has also been set up.

Vendors are not allowed in the underpass, but a section has been reserved for Books from Underground, a popular and beloved stall of second-hand, inexpensive and even hard-to-find books. The bookstore was closed down during the clearing operations in July 2019, much to the chagrin of many people. It is returning in a renovated space to continue catering to book lovers, teachers and students.

The centerpiece of the refurbished Lagusnilad Underpass is a mural called Masigasig na Maynila (Vibrant Manila). In partnership with the City Government of Manila, Against All Ads, and Boysen Paints Philippines, the NCCA, through its Arts in Public Spaces program led by visual artist and former head of the NCCA National Committee on Visual Arts Egar Talusan Fernandez, commissioned the art collective Gerilya to create the artwork for the underpass.

Gerilya was formed in 2008 by Jano, Kube and Zap from the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City. The group is involved in various art endeavors and experimental ventures such as comics, street art, graffiti animation, fine art exhibitions and illustration commissions, and their works often highlight Philippine culture and history, political issues and themes of national identity, often using popular culture mediums and inspirations.

Gerilya members Marianne Rios, Jano Gonzales and Ianna Engano worked on the mural for three months. Their work aims to be a flowing panorama of Manila’s history.

Masigasig na Maynila is heavily inspired by National Artist Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco’s monumental oil-on-canvas mural Filipino Struggles Through History, especially its visual narrative technique of overlapping images. Also known as History of Manila, the series of paintings was commissioned by then Manila Mayor Antonio J. Villegas, created from 1962 to 1971, and was installed at the Bulwagang Katipunan, now Bulwagang Gat Antonio Villegas, at Manila City Hall. Declared a National Cultural Treasure, the mural was restored by the National Museum of the Philippines and has been on view at the Old Senate Session Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts at the Old Legislative Building since 2018.

For Gerilya, making Masigasig na Maynila “is an opportunity to retell the rich history of Manila and that of the country by highlighting important points in the development of the city and the larger history of the nation from the pre-colonial times to the present.”

Accented with cultural symbols, the selected scenes from history are often the tumultuous ones — the pre-colonial times with images of an Islamic kingdom and trade with the Chinese; Spanish colonization; the execution of Jose Rizal; the Philippine-American War; the Japanese occupation; the First Quarter Storm and the struggles against the Marcos dictatorship; and the present day showing street scenes, the Malacañang Palace and doctors, nurses and other front-liners amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is important to impart to the next generations of Filipinos to have public art such as this. It will help them understand their roots, their sense of being and hopefully influence their becoming,” the art group said.

“One of the charms and delightful specificity of this space is its sense of utility and the variety of people making use of this passageway. It also reflects the diversity and the radical spread of its users — students, professionals, merchants, working class and Manila residents, tourists and transients all trying to survive the chaos, bustle and demands of modern life and thrive in this megacity,” explained the NCCA.

“With their artworks rendered in comics imagery, they always try to engage the sense of popular, immediate accessibility and what is known as pang-masa. Besides being a liminal space between two points, it also evokes a sense of fixity and fleetingness, and other contrasts that exist here much like the rest of the whole city. The tensions of the old and new, order and chaos. These are the spaces that appeal to Gerilya to create art: the busy and bustling places where people from all walks of life converge, linger and move together.”

With Masigasig na Maynila, the oft-ignored passageway transforms into a path of cultural enrichment.

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Top performers star in ‘Viva Voce’ series






Great music and inspiration continue to illuminate our lives through The Sunshine Place, a senior recreation center under the Felicidad Tan Sy Foundation, with Sunshine Classics, a series of online classical music concertos. Relax in your own home and enjoy timeless music anytime through The Sunshine Place: Senior Recreation Center’s YouTube Channel.

Viva Voce starts off the series on 1 to 15 October with pianist Mariel Ilusorio, soprano Anna Migallosm, and tenor Marvin Bautista in an online concerto of Broadway, opera and Filipino songs.

Migallos was born in the United States, educated in the Philippines, and earned her Master of Performance in Vocal Performance from the Royal College of Music in London. She has performed in the United Kingdom and in Asia.

Bautista developed a huge passion for music at a young age since he comes from a family of musicians. He joined Tining, Ang Koro ng Letran Calamba and later the Coro San Benildo, the resident chorale of De LaSalle-College of Saint Benilde.

With Coro, he joined many international competitions in China, the US, South Korea, Italy, and the UK where the group received awards. Bautista has appeared in several productions with the Viva Voice Lab, most recently Lucia di Lammermoor at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


Ilusorio was a first prize winner at the National Music Competitions for Young Artists Foundation, Inc. (NAMCYA) Piano Category A-II in 1985. Her musical studies included a Pre-College Diploma from the Juilliard School in New York and her Bachelor of Music Degree from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio.

She resided in Germany for 10 years, where she studied with the eminent piano pedagogue, Prof. Arie Vardi, at the State Academy of Music in Hannover, and garnered several prizes in European competitions

She then moved to South Africa for nine years, continuing her career as a solo and chamber music performer. She became active in developing music in the Eastern Cape, where she started a local music competition.

She currently teaches privately as well as in St. Scholastica’s College, UST Conservatory of Music, and the Philippine High School for the Arts.

Ticket purchases are accepted until 15 October at 12 a.m. Once registered, an email will be sent to the registrant containing the program’s link. Link will be valid from 1 to 15 October. With one click, registrants can access the concert video as many times as they want. Music lovers may also want to check out the Sunshine Place’s piano and voice classes online.

The Sunshine Place is a venue for adults to live actively, through engaging in recreational classes and age-appropriate physical training programs.

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Beauty beyond norms





Witness how social media and its depiction of today’s concept of beauty affects the mental health of youth in Ang Natutulog na si Byuti, a contemporary dance performance that brings light to self-acceptance and self-love.

Ang Natutulog na si Byuti, a metaphorical retelling of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, is the story of 15-year-old Beauty, whose pursuit of social media fame creates a confident online persona that masks her burgeoning inferiority complex, anxiety and body image issues.

At a time when the opinions of social media influencers and followers shape one’s perception of the self, this performance attempts to remind this generation’s youth of important values that go beyond aesthetics.

The adaptation is directed by former Ballet Philippines principal dancer Carissa Adea.

Written by homegrown talents and contemporary dancers Kayla Coseteng, Michelle Miranda and Princess Balido, the show is performed by the internationally acclaimed Saint Benilde Romancon Dance Company of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

Ang Natutulog na si Byuti is free and is open to the public. The premiere online performance is on 25 September at 6 p.m. Watch through the group’s official Facebook account at

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