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Conquering menace as one



In a bid to help the Department of Health increase its COVID-19 testing capacity, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and the Philippine Red Cross teamed up to set up a testing facility that could process around 2,000 samples per day once fully operational. Meralco, One Meralco Foundation and the Redondo Peninsula Energy Inc. supported this effort by donating 26 desktop computers.

The participation of the private sector in augmenting government assistance to Filipinos during the lingering health crisis has been a factor in strengthening the resolve, particularly of those in the frontline during the difficult battle.

One of those which had provided a constant stream of assistance is One Meralco Foundation (OMF), the social responsibility arm of the the country’s biggest power distributor, Manila Electric Co.

Thousands of the power utility firm’s employees devote their time, talent and resources to aid marginalized communities through the foundation even before the start of the pandemic.

Throughout the year, employees of Meralco and its subsidiaries take part in the Foundation’s work by supporting its fund raising campaigns and volunteering in the implementation of its programs.

The OMF team is made up of dedicated individuals who spearhead an average of 300 activities every year, which are projects that had reasonably increased after the outbreak of the disease. Some of the undertakings are in far-flung and hard-to-reach villages.

No foe is unbeatable with the combination of the muscle of private corporations and government in keeping the people’s hopes up, primarily of the marginalized, during this difficult period.