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Ofelia Wadley – Top fundraiser




Other than being a record holder when she raised funds for the Society for Cultural Enrichment last year, to the delight of founder Helen Ong and the world of cultural enthusiasts and artists, Ofelia Wadley is a Hong Kong businesswoman whose various ventures have been successful.

A Philippine Cancer Society Ambassador for Life, Ofelia brings to any endeavor she participates in not just her expertise in convincing people to contribute to a cause. She also comes with a compassionate heart guided by a sense of wisdom when choosing the beneficiaries of her many acts of kindness.

Taking up art collecting a long time ago, Ofelia says that if she were to pick her favorite among the art works that fill up her home, “It would be between Bencab’s ‘Sabel’ for capturing a woman’s intense emotion that just draws you in, and Amorsolo’s ‘Fruit Pickers Harvesting Under the Mango Tree’ because it shows the true value of Filipinos.”


Here is Ofelia and these are her lifestyle choices:

Home wear during lockdown —- “My choice is always cotton. Since the lockdown started, I’ve been spending time at home so I enjoy wearing t- shirts from Louis Vuitton and Joseph, tank tops from Marks & Spencer and shorts from Victoria’s Secret. I especially enjoy lounging in my comfortable and breezy robe from La Perla.”

Soap for morning ritual —- “I’ve used Ivory soap since childhood. I love its mild and fresh scent.”

Everyday scent —- “My favorite perfume is Central Park West from Bond No. 9.”

Skin care secrets —- “Eating healthy and my skin care set from La Mer. I love their moisturizing cream.”

Favorite casual shoe brand —- Hermes slippers, rubber shoes with platform heels by Miu Miu, Givenchy, Gucci, Stella McCartney and Louboutin.

Breakfast fare —- A glass of warm water, two slices of lemon mixed with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Then, a bowl of banana, avocado and mango with chia seeds and arugula. “It’s a healthy routine I look forward to when I wake up.”

Number one beauty secret —- “I keep active and stay positive. Before the pandemic, I used to take walks or jog around the village. Since we’re in lockdown, I stick to hula hooping, dancing and gardening.”

Who is a beautiful woman to you? —- “My mother, a wonderful role model.”

with research by Agile Zamora