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If Leni were president

In the business world, the insidious oligarchs who clandestinely bankrolled Robredo’s silent insurgency will again rule public policy with their political privileges.




Some people dream, others have nightmares. Recently, with scuttlebutt surrounding the President’s health, suspiciously seditious attempts at a revolutionary government and an opportunistic jab by Ma. Leonor Robredo to sell herself as a successor, the prospect of her as president seemed to gel either as a premature dream fulfilled or a nightmare dreaded.

What would be the consequences? Let’s project a Robredo presidency on specific areas of concern.

On the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s presented a plagiarized “to-do list” and motherhood statements. She simply rephrased many of what’s been in play. That’s understandable. The issue is a soft and vulnerable underbelly. There’s little to debate over promises. It’s the drastic reversals that create controversy.

In the arena of personality politics, we are likely to see the resurrection of specters rising from their graves along with their colossal ambitions all aiming for the highest offices. Breaking through the graveyard mist, we might see the walking dead like the irrelevant Francis Pangilinan, Antonio Trillanes IV and Manuel Roxas who the public had rejected several times over.

We might see Benigno Aquino III’s former Budget chief crawl out from under a rock then reinstalled to renew illegal pork barrel protocols.

We see an ousted Chief Justice smelling like mothballs again inflicted on the Judiciary, perhaps joined by a former Solicitor General, another certified loser.

Trash and debris, flotsam and jetsam typically surface from a septic bottom. Notorious securities fraud and tax evasion cases are certain to vanish. Magically appearing in its stead, graven images of Pagan Goddesses of the Libel Harvest might resurface.

Political institutions will again reek with the stench of drug money. Leila de Lima’s charges are certain to be dropped, so she can continue ascending towards the Senate presidency and from there hoist her weight towards a 2022 leap for higher office.

The drug trade will again flourish and determine the legislature and the local government’s composition following the drastic political realignments of turncoats and traitors as, once more, drug money and patronage define local politics.

As illegal drugs tsunami back to engulf our youth, so will crime and communist terror drown us given both the police and the Armed Forces might initially polarize, their situation worsened by substantial Defense budget cuts following vengeful witch hunts.

As our security forces weaken, think of a radical pivot in our foreign policy from tempered and calibrated cooperation with all superpowers to where Robredo escalates rhetoric to confrontational screams and shouts recklessly rekindling embers in the West Philippine Sea at a time when tensions there can easily escalate into a shooting war.

In the business world, the insidious oligarchs who clandestinely bankrolled Robredo’s silent insurgency will again rule public policy with their political privileges, not to mention, market abuse and predatory monopoly pricing.

Like an Aquino administration rerun, contracts will again be abrogated and parceled out to a cabal of cronies. Remember the MRT-III, the Mahindra deal and Smartmatic?

Few of the foregoing are particularly political issues. So, do we really want a Robredo presidency?