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Garden hub in the city

Vernon Velasco




New normal or not, developers are uniquely positioned to drive solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Think traffic and how living in unplanned locations due to cheaper living costs aggravates it, forcing people to drive farther away, so that they spend more time in transit and waste more resources.

Now that the next big frontier in business is living near where you work, Primehomes Real Estate Development Inc. with its many years of helping customers find their place in the world through smarter living, is emphasizing how its developments are reducing the need to move out for work and recreation, so that its residents can spend less time commuting and more time relaxing in the neighborhoods of the future.

Casa Hardin, Primehomes’ lifestyle hub in Capitol Hills in Quezon City, for instance, is right smack at the heart of this thriving real-estate model: a synergy of open spaces that revive neighborhoods, improve the vitality of urban spaces and foster the
live-work-play ethos for many of us who are tired of cramp and drab urban spaces with nary a view seek.

“Casa Hardin is the integral part of Primehomes Capitol Hills development that allows a glimpse into the total package our company offers to our existing clients and would-be clients,” Primehomes marketing head Virgilio Jude Hipolito said.  Due to the pandemic, Casa Hardin is redefined to act as an essential focal point as Primehomes caters to the essential needs of its community.


Business hub

“Launching it now is just the right time to address the needs of our residents. It will be the catalyst that will complete the well-being of a community,” Hipolito said. Casa Hardin promotes the green trend even more, especially now that distancing is possible in bigger and flowing spaces: what with its greens and planned amenities allocated to 70 percent of its open spaces.

The developer clearly understands its locals’ needs as the botanical lifestyle hub allows easy access to a wide range of amenities that include a café brewing soon, the Capitol Hills Park, a sales pavilion and other commercial areas in the odds and ends.

“To potential new homebuyers, a tremendous impact is expected to showcase our vision of a botanical community in the heart of Capitol Hills. More than boosting our sales, Casa Hardin will become our benchmark in developing relevant communities in the near future,” Hipolito said.

Hipolito added that Primehomes is deviating from the idea that a development should all be a concrete jungle. Thus, the design element is a combination of living, breathable abodes that integrate flora in a contemporary setup. “Our century-old trees define our fundamentals of saving the environment and for our homeowners to enjoy the greenery of the whole community with its positive effect of sustainability to their lives. Finally, we adhere to our desire of being true to our word that ‘Everything is near, everything is here,’” Hipolito said.



Casa Hardin is just one of Primehomes’ thrusts in leveraging crises to make great opportunities and create significant values. The developer is continuously launching new developments to fulfill its promise to existing homeowners and new ones.

Like many shared environments where people thrive, Primehomes fully understands any weakness and builds capabilities around Casa Hardin to respond to the challenges of the times. The lifestyle hub will have well-sanitized touch points and orchestrations that are designed to keep distance in check, one of the ways Primehomes is reimagining itself in keeping up with the changing habits of its customers now demanding for healthier, accessible and sustainable spaces.