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Cloud Panda to launch toktok delivery service



The effect of the current pandemic due to Covid-19 has left many Filipinos in despair.

Deliveries of basic essentials were halted due to the sudden quarantine. Many of us weren’t able to prepare especially in getting food and medicines and it affected so many households especially in the Greater Manila area.

That’s when the service of online delivery apps became a necessity. Even with a few players in the industry the demand for delivery service is still high.

To fill up the need created by the situation and help displaced workers, Cloud Panda Ph created a new app called toktok. The main aim of the company is to help laid off workers have an alternative livelihood that could help sustain their families’ needs while helping the industry address the lack of service.

Amidst the health crisis, Filipinos are bound to rise up. A lot became entrepreneurs and started their online businesses ranging from basic needs to other consumer products thus creating more demand for delivery service. The online delivery service is here to stay because it provides convenience and it is a cheaper way of sending packages.

toktok is a much easier and faster to navigate app while guaranteeing us of a safer way to deliver our goods. Set to launch soon in Metro Manila, Cloud Panda Ph is also getting ready to expand toktok service in nearby provinces and in a few months in the entire country.

Riders of toktok were carefully selected by the operations team. Proper training and lectures were given by the company to assure the customers of quality service. Each rider has an insulator box so customers will worry no more whether they’re sending perishables to their loved ones or to their customers.

In one way or another toktok would greatly contribute in making the economy rebound via providing source of income to many familes and helping small and medium enterprises grow their business.

The tokto app is now available for download via Android Playstore and Apple App Store.

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