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China’s ‘conversion’

We are at an age of tribulation, and the global role and destiny of China are intertwined with our own at this time of pandemic darkness.




(Author’s note: This is the second of a two-part series on Our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace. In Part 1, miracles were featured, and the connection between Fatima and Mediatrix established. Here in Part 2, we see the purpose and significance of this connection.)

The continuity from Fatima to Mediatrix is important because it fulfills the words of St. John Paul II, who wrote in his Ecclessia in Asia that the first millennium was devoted to the evangelization of the Old World (31 AD or the death of Christ to 1000 AD), the second millennium (1001 to 2000) to the evangelization of the New World, and the third millennium (2001 to 3000) to the evangelization of Asia. Mediatrix is the continuation of Fatima, focusing on Asia, ushering the shift from the second to the third millennium.

The Philippines plays a pivotal role in the third millennium as the only Christian nation in Asia, the launching pad for evangelization. Pope Francis is very much aware of the Filipinos’ role. That is why he sent a statue of Fatima after the deadly Bohol-Cebu mega-earthquake in October 2013, after which it reached Tacloban during the “Yolanda” disaster. Pope Francis relies on Filipino prelates, especially Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.

In a chapel in Nanjing, China, the statue of Our Lady Mediatrix stands today, an omen perhaps of the future “conversion” of China, the emerging superpower, the largest economy in Asia. This does not mean “conversion” to Christianity, but conversion to a change of heart towards its Asian neighbors, towards stopping persecutions, fostering trade not by intimidation, but by cooperation, forging economic relations without the use of force. Indeed, what a United States nuclear carrier fleet cannot do for peace in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), perhaps Our Lady Mediatrix can.

Former Lipa Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal announced to all Philippine bishops a stern and ominous message from Our Lady Mediatrix, “Pray hard, for China’s dream is to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites (PDI, 13 July 2014).” The word “invasion” can be misleading. It is not necessarily a military invasion and can be an economic one.

Our Lady Mediatrix can perhaps change things in China in the Lord’s time and the Lord’s ways. There are two Catholic Churches in China: the Patriotic Church, subservient to the government in return for being allowed to stay, reportedly with Vatican ties, and the Underground Church, defiant to the government, subject to arrests and assassinations.

We are at an age of tribulation, and the global role and destiny of China are intertwined with our own at this time of pandemic darkness. We have to learn to deal with China, forge good relations and avoid conflicts without sacrificing our sovereignty. This is a tightrope walk, full of dilemma we have to deal with. There can be a possible demilitarization of the WPS in return for economic cooperation. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Behind the Lord, of course, are our prayers. Let us pray for China.

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