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Sabotaged by Rocio



ROCIO didn’t expect to be baking that much. PHOTOGRAPH SOURCED FROM FACEBOOK

A sophomore legal management student who, like everyone else of her age, has been forced to stay put at home, Inez “Rocio” Santamaria Escano, did not just let time pass her by in the recent months, sitting idly and dreaming of what might have been.

For one, she has been working out to keep fit. But she decided that was not enough and since she could bake, she started Sabotage.

I asked her why she chose Sabotage for a trademark of the sweet goodies she prepares at home, and she replied, “Because it’s basically what it is, I don’t try to hide it and say it’s healthy because it’s not.”

“You mean the eater has been sabotaged?” I asked her, to everyone’s laughter. “it’s all about sabotaging your diet,” she reiterated.

“Baking was always something I enjoyed doing with my cousins since I was a kid. The lockdown gave me the opportunity to start baking since I have always been the type of person to keep busy,” she shared with me in an interview when she, her brother, Iggy, and her mother, Cathy, visited the Daily Tribune office to give us a sampling of her products.


“I have four products now,” she declared proudly, “which is the banana loaf with cream cheese frosting, cinnamon rolls, blueberry cheesecake with custard and oatmeal cheese cookies.”

Business has been good. “During the first weeks of launch, I’ve been getting so many orders until four in the morning,” she confided. Her mom had to buy a new oven to meet the orders.

“I didn’t expect to be baking that much,” continued Rocio. “I took up so many of the kitchen counters, like the tables at home.”

Thankfully, her little sister, Natalia, who is herself a singer with her own following, had been helping her out.

Rocio explained how her burgeoning enterprise started. “When the lockdown started. I got back to baking and I would just send it to my friends for fun, and then they would comment that I should start selling it, instead of me just sending it to them. So, that’s how it started.”

From classmates and friends, her customers have since included even people she had not met before. “And I thought I would just do it for my classmates,” she said, surprised at the turn-out of the demand for her wickedly delicious products. “I launched on Instagram and I would post on our village group chat, and then a lot of random people who I didn’t know at all, even from far places, started to inquire and soon their orders were pouring in.

For someone who just wanted to make her friends happy, Rocio has become a  budding entrepreneur with a great promise. If she keeps going, and it looks like she will, having discovered for herself she is an entrepreneur at heart, she just might be able to acquire her dream boat soon. Of course, we mean the one that sails and brings you to farther shores.