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Cultural program debuts online




HOSTS of the online show ‘Padayon: The NCCA Hour.’ PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF NCCA

As digital content continues to flourish during the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns, government cultural agency National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Office of the President, is producing a regular cultural program tailored for online platforms titled Padayon: The NCCA Hour.

Conceptualized to promote, as well as to inspire and inform through, culture and the arts during the pandemic, through the initiative of NCCA chairman and CCP president Arsenio “Nick” Lizaso, Padayon: the NCCA Hour streamed its pilot episode on 28 July and regularly shows almost every day on NCCA’s Facebook page.

The title is taken from is a Cebuano word, which means “to move forward,” “to progress” or “to continue doing something.”

Padayon is hoped to instill in Filipinos an appreciation for and love of the arts and culture and to foster understanding of and pride in their heritage.

The show is composed of three main segments, “Sining Aral,” “Sining Saya” and “Samot Sining,” and four special segments, “Bukang Isip,” “Laro Tayo,” “Siningspirasyon” and “Sining Galaw.”

“Sining Aral” is the educational part of the show, discussing topics such as folk epics, Philippine history, Jose Rizal’s novels and Philippine languages. On the other hand, “Sining Saya” aims to entertain with music, dance and other performances, annotated by resource persons.


NCCA chairman Nick Lisazo.

In “Samot Sining,” NCCA projects and activities and CCP Office of the President’s outreach programs are highlighted. There will also be interviews with NCCA officials and other personalities in the arts and culture sector.

“Bukang Isip” presents short interviews with cultural personalities, while “Laro Tayo” involves a game, “Question of the Day,” in which viewers can participate. “SiningInspirasyon” features inspiring stories of artists during the lockdown, and “Sining Galaw” is a weekender segment showing performances and other art forms.

The show is hosted by employees of the NCCA secretariat —- NCCA Public Affairs and Information Section head Rene Napenas, International Affairs Section head Annie Luis and Plan/Policy Formulation and Programming Division officer-in-charge and Arts Section head Ferdinand Isleta.

Padayon: The NCCA Hour steams every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 4 p.m. A companion program, Padayon Presents, every Tuesday and Thursday, features NCCA television programs such as Dayaw, Buhay na Buhay and Sagisag Kultura TV.