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The Queen Bee




“She lives in Manila, but is equally at home anywhere in the world… is considered one of the best-looking and best dressed women in Manila… belongs to a smart cosmopolitan group in Philippine society… is widely traveled and well-read… equally interested in world and local affairs… follows the stock market quotations as eagerly as the latest fashions in Vogue… is gifted with a rare talent for giving parties and producing shows that are lavish and imaginative… is as young as any group she finds herself in…she knows what she wants in life: A beautiful home and family, membership in several clubs, a wide variety of business and social interests, participation in philanthropic undertakings… she has no time for idleness… her day may include a shopping trip to the mall, lunch in her favorite restaurant or social club, a committee meeting for a forthcoming charity event, cocktails or dinner at a diplomat’s home…she is pleasant and sparkling at parties…efficient at home or office… a tireless worker, manager or leader… her heart is in everything she does… if she isn’t someone you already know… this is the chance to met her… you’ll love her as we do. She does a good job.”

The above description of the committee chairman, adapted from a souvenir program of Romance, a fund-raiser presentation of the Special Events Division of the Anti-TB Fund Drive for 1959, may well refer to the lady of refinement and style in any period of our social history.

It is for this lady that this corner of the Social Set has been created. In the coming issues, we will put a name and a face to the woman described above. Such description is only a figment of our imagination and yet she is real and she may be right beside you on any given day contributing to a conversation, sharing her thoughts or merely nodding in approval.



Any which way, she is a woman who makes a difference in people’s lives. In this time of the pandemic, she may be at home and yet she is helping to ease the burden of frontliners. But every day as she wakes up, she goes through her rituals, ensuring to look good, to be fit and to be healthy.

She dresses up well even at home, and she may not be able to move around because of the limitations of the times, but she finds a way to communicate with friends and family, especially in this digital age.

You will meet her in the coming issues, and you will know the brands she prefers, the dining places she frequents, and the professionals she patronizes. She is the woman of this age, and she stands out in her own special way.