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Quick draw

Danny Vibas



Things seem to be moving faster in Pinoy showbiz than anywhere else in the country (except, perhaps, in the continuously increasing number of COVID-19 patients) — as some wags love to say, “faster than developments in the national political scene.”

For instance, chairman Danilo Lim of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has appointed two film industry veterans as new members of the executive committee of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) a few days after he announced his withdrawal of the appointment of Film Development Council of the Philippines’ chair/CEO as member of that committee for her alleged persistence since 2016 to get FDCP to take over the management of the MMFF.

The committee’s new members are film director-actress Laurice Guillen and octogenarian Arsenio “Nick” Lizaso who is concurrently president of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and chairman of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Neither Lim nor Diño announced if they finally had a meeting after President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address on 27 July to clarify the twin actions that the MMDA took against Diño. Remember that before Kim’s withdrawal of Diño’s executive committee appointment, Celine Pialago posted on her official Facebook account as MMDA spokesman a 2017 FDCP position paper as proof that Diño persists on pursuing her personal ambition of taking over the MMFF.

The two new executive committee appointees have not let out a happy squeak about their new posts. Or are they confused why there are two of them replacing only one person?

As for Diño, while we’re hacking this column, what she has shared with the world in her Instagram is her having gone out of her way to check on the condition of actor John Regala who had to seek help for his already serious ailment of liver cirrhosis and gout. A Grab Food delivery rider who helped Regala when he got dizzy while driving an old Starex vehicle posted on Facebook a photo of the almost emaciated actor.

Diño found where the actor stays and it’s in a property of a friend somewhere in Metro Manila. John doesn’t want to be hospitalized out of fear that he might catch Covid-19 in a hospital. His last major acting job was a very hateful villain in ABS-CBN’s FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano about a year ago.

The FDCP chair/CEO brought Regala as much assistance as she could on Thursday (30 July) and happily discovered showbiz people getting there ahead of her. The discovery prompted Diño to gush and sigh on her Instagram: “This experience has been truly humbling. I’m almost four years in as head of FDCP, and since day one, we never stopped working to serve the film industry and the country. But while the agency has done so much as it is, it’s still not enough.

Ang dami pa ring kailangang gawin at sistema na dapat iimplement para matulungan ang LAHAT ng sector at workers. Ang daming kailangan ayusin. Sanay pa rin ang lahat sa kanya-kanya at paghihilahan pababa.

“Despite the divisiveness, I hope we can find common ground so we can work together. The film industry is an ecosystem, and we need all the sectors working together to thrive.”

So there, that’s one fast development involving showbiz celebs. Here’s another quick one: the aborted talk show of the irrepressible Kris Aquino on TV5 will see birth after all reportedly on 15 August.

Kris herself blithely announced the development in her Instagram, where she also crowed about meeting in her promo shoot for the show on 28 July the “generous and perfect gentleman” Raffy Tulfo, the star host of TV5 himself, as described by Kris.

It was at Tulfo’s conference/dressing room that the promo shoot was held while Tulfo was in his private office upstairs. Kris revealed that it was Tulfo himself who offered his conference/dressing room to be the venue of Kris’ promo shoot. But the offer must have been made to the show’s unnamed blocktime producer since Kris admitted she and Tulfo have never met.

But as the shoot was winding up, Tulfo went down from his office so he could meet Kris. Well, the lady found Tulfo totally fascinating. She even blurted out to him how she wish they could have a show together.

The title of Kris’ show is a Love Life With Kris.

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