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Cocktails during GCQ!



We never expected the lockdown to last three months! We are Party People and we are not used to this strange situation. The new normal has really become abnormal to us.

Well, as we need to get used to the new pandemic, fashion designers created designer masks and protective personal equipment, and we wore these special creations to cocktails and get-togethers when it was possible to get out of our homes while not forgetting the need for social distancing.

I was so excited to have cocktails with friends after three months of staying home. I am so thankful to my favorite party people especially Noel Oñate, who hosted our first cocktails at his beautiful home with our besties. This was followed by more and more cocktails he hosted with the same healthy friends in other venues, like the exclusive Wine Story in BGC.

Yes, we need to be discriminating during these times. We should invite more healthy friends who are not vulnerable, and not scared to join us for cocktails.

I also invited friends to Manila House as it is safe there. But, of course, we needed to go home before the 10 pm curfew, and it was so unfulfilling spending limited time with them.

We can never stay home after all these months, as our immune system is further boosted by seeing happy friends, drinking and laughing all night with them. Remember, laughter is always the best medicine!

I also bought all the reliable anti-covid gadgets for my double protection, especially the air purifying necklace and UV sanitizers. I always bring these gadgets wherever I go, especially when I dine with friends, who themselves have their own anti-covid gadgets so that we are all protected. I also indulge in Ozone Therapy, which kills all viruses in my body, for additional protection.

We only go to places that are really safe and where, in most cases, there is only us in the restaurant.

We will live with this virus indefinitely, which is why it is important to boost our immune system while enjoying living life. This is so important because no matter what total protection you take u may still get infected if your immune system is weak!

Stay healthy and happy! Let’s party soon! Cheers!

Last but not the least

Jeanny Bassiri, one of the Ladies of Manila, should have been in the two-part article which I wrote as my essay for two consecutive Sundays recently. No excuses here, as I must admit I had misplaced her photo, which she sent to me early enough, in my pile.

Anyway, as they say, the last is not the least, and, if it should console Jeanny, who has such an unassuming personality, I must quote the song about saving the best for last.

Jeanny isn’t one of those grandstanding and imposing ladies, and instead is very flexible and comfortable in her own skin. This jolly woman possesses the mannerisms of a playful girl next door.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t be serious. You’ll be surprised how good a listener and confidant she can be, ready to give advice to everyone, sometimes even those who are years older than she.  While she is very feminine, don’t be surprised if you see her holding Armalite15 like one of the boys in the middle of the forest hunting animals, or gone boating or fishing in the lake. Jeanny loves the sun, no wonder most of her pastime activities are done outdoor, something that women of her age don›t feel comfortable doing. Now, don’t be fooled, because if the occasion calls for total glam, she will live up to being a member of the Ladies of Manila and perfectly blend in with the fabulous crowd. She can even stand out not only because she is pretty, her sincerity and pleasing outlook magnetize others.