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The Rotary Club of Cebu, deservingly known as The Mother Club, recently inducted a new set of officers and directors to lead the active organization in the new Rotary Year.

The office bearers include Edward Gaisano, President; Jacob Ong, Vice President And President Elect; Hector Almario, President-Nominee; Walter Cang, Secretary; and Charles Ong, Treasurer.

They will be expertly aided by directors Shigejiro Onda, George Chan, George Paraoan, Javier Sala, Ken Ngo and Samuel Chioson.  This year’s Club Administrator is Edward Tan Ting.

The Incoming President was sworn in by the Incoming District Governor Rodel Riezl Reyes. Outgoing President Mike Torres then handed over the gavel and authority to Gaisano. He was then charged by District 3860 Governor Philip Tan.

This annual event shall be remembered as the first to be conducted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw the convergence of Rotarians from Luzon and Mindanao and as far away as the United Kingdom, United States of America, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

HECTOR Almario, president – nominee.

Outgoing President Torres in his stirring farewell address acknowledged the members whose unconditional support contributed to the team’s many exceptional achievements.  He extolled the ideals of Rotary that despite almost half of his term being under the shadow of a pandemic, it was never stifled by fear and inaction.  It  propelled the club to greater heights through the multi-pronged initiatives such as the food bank, soup kitchen and PPE supplies, all happening within the last three months of his term.

President Gaisano, in his acceptance speech, pledged all-out support to the association’s many noteworthy projects. He further stated, “Through the theme Rotary Opens Opportunities, we will direct our actions: open doors for leadership, the doors to translate service into actions, and to improve lives in the community that we serve. As Rotarians, therefore, we again need to reinvigorate our mission and purpose through these most interesting of times.”

While it may be unfortunate that the community quarantine made it impossible to meet in person, it opens new opportunities in the organization’s ability to reach out and to be seen, to be heard and to have fellowship.

To the civic-minded Rotarians with a mandate for the coming year, our sincere congratulations.

EDWARD Gaisano, Rotary Club president.