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Pulong proposes e-learning centers in each town



Presidential son and House Deputy Speaker Paolo Duterte proposed the establishment of an e-learning center in every municipality in the country.

Together with ACT CIS Partylist Rep. Eric Yap, Duterte filed House Bill 7050 or the “E-learning Center Act of 2020.”

In the bill, the co-proponents said the new normal calls for the accessibility and availability of alternative modes of learning.

“While Filipinos are known to be resourceful, it should not be used as an excuse for not providing institutional mechanisms that could improve their lives.”

“As some already struggle with gaining access to classroom learning due to lack of resources, there will be more of those who cannot continue their education as there are additional barriers they cannot overcome easily.”

Under the bill, the e-learning centers shall serve as a venue “wherein people from all walks of life can access information and communication technologies for learning.”

The bill states that the e-learning center must be equipped with printed materials such as books and newspapers; audio-visual aids or media such as film, television and radio; and digital devices such as desktop or portable computers and electronic blackboards.

They shall also be equipped with a stable internet connection.

According to the bill, the e-learning centers must be a venue for alternative learning classes, training, lectures, seminars and other learning activities.

Duterte and Yap also earlier filed a bill which seeks to grant scholarship and education assistance to public school teachers and their children.