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Life tools for your safety





As parts of the country open up and transition to general community quarantine, select industries have been allowed to operate with more relaxed measures to bring back some semblance of normalcy.

There’s no guarantee however that the government won’t tighten restrictions again, as new cases are once more on the rise, and even experts are saying that the second wave of infections is always a possibility. With the global pandemic far from being over, you might want to get yourself ready with these reliable and practical finds.

Part of its newest product category #LifeTools for your safety, multi-brand store Urbanize has created a list that will provide you some expert advice on what should be included on your shopping cart.

The new must-haves include:

Pacsafe Silver Ion Mask

Social distancing being the new normal, Pacsafe introduces Silver Ion Face Mask with advanced technology. It is a reusable and washable mask that provides at least 99 percent filtration efficiency against microbial and airborne particles. This mask is constructed with five different layers, each with a specific function that ensures the mask’s performance can be retained after washing.

Pacsafe Viraloff Mask

Treated with Polygiene, the Pacsafe ViralOff promises to hold 99 percent fewer viruses in just two hours. Its water repellent fabric also ensures that you or the people around you are protected against droplets from coughs and sneezes. Its Polygiene fabric material can easily break down unpleasant odors without the need for constant washing — saving you time and money.

Mobework UV Sanitizing Pen

It’s no secret that ultraviolet light is an effective option for sanitation as it destroys the molecular bond that holds together the DNA of viruses and bacteria, regardless of drug resistance. This is why at-home methods of UV sterilization have been getting a lot of attention lately because of its efficacy.

Mobework UV Sanitizing Pen.

This new device from Mobework can eliminate over 99 percent of bacteria on personal items like phones, tablets, keyboards, bags and other surfaces that are constantly exposed. It has two modes in one button: allowing the user the flexibility to switch between 90 seconds and 60 minutes. This product is also made of high-grade materials such as IPX7 water resistance and high resistance polyacrylonitrile, which could last a lifetime.

Mobework Air Purifier

The general consensus is that while air purifiers don’t necessarily offer much protection against COVID-19, they may be worthwhile in specific ones such as reducing a variety of air pollutants including PM2.5, smoke, odor, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and allergens.

Using a cutting-edge technology called electrostatic purification, this device can emit 26 million negative ions into the air that push harmful pollutants away from your breathing zone, creating a sphere of protection around you.

This portable personal purifier operates for 20 hours on one single charge, ensuring that you can carry it wherever and whenever you need it. The device also includes a proprietary conductive lanyard that features a breakaway connector for extra safety.