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A whole lot of Korean donut goodness

Milky Dust Donuts is setting the trend in the local donut scene with its seven delicious Kkwabaegi-inspired classic and premium donut variants.



Bavarian cream-filled donuts, classic honey-glazed donuts with holes, chocolate butternut donut holes… Had enough of them and are looking for something new and more exciting? How about Korean-style donuts?

Milky Dust Donuts is setting the trend in the local donut scene with its seven delicious kkwabaegi-inspired classic and premium donut variants. They are a little smaller than the regular flavored donut as we know it, but are softer and fluffier, oozing with filling, and coated with a “misty dust” that is made up of two kinds of powdered milk and a bit of powdered sugar.

Peanut butter cup. / Photograph courtesy of Milky Dust Donuts

The signature misty dust is not too sweet, just right, and makes the donuts richer and creamier. One bite of these luscious and irresistible donuts leads to a second and a third bite; it is almost impossible not to reach for another donut. Even the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, liked the donuts and had only kind words to say about them in her Instagram account.

Overwhelmed by the extremely positive response to her product is the person behind Milky Dust Donuts, Twinkle Lacsamana, director of communications of New Coast Hotel Manila.

Marketing professional Twinkle Lacsamana started her Milky Dust Donuts business during the lockdown. / PHOTOGRAPH by Dolly dy Zulueta

“My donut recipe was inspired by the Korean donut called kkwabaegi. When the lockdown started in March, I knew that it would last longer than a month, so I decided to think of something that would financially aid us while on lockdown. I tried baking and selling other stuff, like cookies, but the market was looking for something new. Then I saw a YouTube video on how to make kkwabaegi, and so the ingredients for my supposed plan of making ube cheese pandesal (planned to sell these as well) went into a continuous kitchen experiment that led to Milky Dust Donuts. To make my kkwabaegi unique, I tweaked the recipe and created different variants,” Twinkle relates.

Ube cheese donut. / Photograph courtesy of Milky Dust Donuts

Her donuts started as small Munchkins or donut holes, but they were so time-consuming and tedious to make. So she made them a bit bigger though not as big as the regular donuts in the market. She liked the size and settled with that. The first flavor that she came up with was ube cheese, which took several tries to perfect. Then she worked on other flavors, all of which took a few tries, too, since flavorings and colors affected the formula of the dough.

While Twinkle continues to work on new flavors, Milky Dust Donuts offer seven flavors at the moment — four classic flavors and three premium flavors. The classics, which also happen to be her first four flavors, are ube cheese, vanilla milk, pure chocolate and dark mocha. With creating unique flavors that you cannot find anywhere else as her goal, Twinkle has created three premium flavors, which are strawberry milkshake, berries and cream, and peanut butter cup.

The donuts come in tubs of eight donuts, with classic flavors priced at P250 and premium selections at P350. Customers have the option of ordering just one flavor per tub or assorted flavors in one tub. To order, just send a message to Milky Dust Donuts’ Facebook or Instagram accounts (@milkydustdonuts) and allow a one-day allowance for regular orders and three days’ lead time for bulk orders of 10 tubs or more. Pick-up and delivery have to be arranged and fees paid for by customers.

Strawberry Milkshake Donuts. / PHOTOGRAPH by Dolly dy Zulueta for the DAILY TRIBUNE