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Green is for rebirth



Clearly, when we are faced with dreadful never-experienced-before conditions such as this ongoing pandemic, we hope to survive trials, such as cities completely shut down worldwide, jobs lost, ultimately followed by reversals of fortunes. More importantly, family, friends and colleagues are at risk of contracting an unfamiliar and frightening disease.

As we struggle to make sense of these dramatic changes in our daily lives, we walk on a perilous path more than ever. But whatever happens, we cling on to dear hope — the one virtue that makes us look forward to a better tomorrow.

Naturally, there is a sudden shift to the importance of the color green, as it is the hue with the strongest emotional correlation with safety, growth, revitalization… and hope! New wonderful rebirth and beginnings.

In the West, green represents luck, spring and environmental awareness, while in Islam it stands for respect. In Japan, it is associated with eternal life. It is likewise the symbolic color for Ireland, which earned its nickname The Emerald Isle from its stunning lush landscapes.

Allow me to present, in this issue, ahead-of-their times ladies, with hopes in their hearts, who wore green gowns in pre-COVID-19 occasions.

I have personally learned some unspoken guidelines whenever they brandish green outfits. A common benchmark for the choice of jewelry is minimalism. It is important to approach the choice of accessories with a certain care in order not to overload. Their total number should not exceed three. These can be a set of earrings, a ring or bracelet as well as a necklace.

If we want to look more stunning, they continued, accent the outfit with gold which signifies solemnity, or silver that can add sophistication and elegance.

Another important tool in their arsenal is a handbag which can be either black, gold, beige, brown, silver or color to match the shoes.

Finally, to make the image look balanced, they must strike the perfect contrast of textures. Choose shimmering accessories for matte and dull fabrics, and pick matte decorations for shiny textiles.

Without further ado, meet five lovely Cebuanas in green evening gowns…