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Xia’s quarantine bash

David John Cubangbang



ANOTHER year to celebrate for this promising young actress. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/XIABERNARDO

This pandemic may have turned our plans upside down, but there’s no stopping this lovely preteen from celebrating her biggest birthday ever — in a quarantine setting, of course.

Xia Vigor turns 11 this 23 July 2020 but she had her celebration in advance yesterday.

On her vlog posted on Sunday, Xia shared her birthday experience, a birthday celebration a kid would surely love.

Just imagine waking up and being served with all of your favorite breakfast dishes in one plate cooked with love by your mom. That’s how Xia started her day. In an exclusive interview with the birthday girl, Xia shared with Daily Tribune her birthday wish.

“My birthday wish is… I hope I can see my grandma again because it’s been a long time since we have been to England and I’ve been a little sad that I wasn’t able to get that wish for my birthday.

But we are in this hard situation of COVID-19 so I have to be patient,” Xia, who has always shown her closeness with her grandparent, stated.

XIA at age 11 has inspiring points of view. 

Just like any other birthday celebration, Xia received a lot of gifts — from flowers, to books and tons of toys from Toy Kingdom, as Xia was named Toy Kingdom’s “Funbassador.”

And among all those gifts, we asked Xia to choose her most favorite. “Probably the gardening kit my mom gave me because I know it’s going to be useful, with the situation we’re in because there might be a shortage of food supply. We can plant even the basic ones like lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, chilis, and it’s also fun and it takes away all the stress when you’re planting. Thank you, Mommy, for that wonderful gift.”

When asked how she feels about having a “pandemic birthday,” Xia said, “I had a Zoom party a day before my birthday. I feel really weird, of course, because if it’s your birthday, you want to be with your friends and family members in real life, but instead you only see them on screen. And also, it makes you realize things that you really need to value — the time that you can be with your friends and family, to hug them, spend time with them. But actually, I think it’s a good experience and a good story to tell the next generation — that we had something like this during our time.

I really miss going out, because every time it will be my birthday, we would go to different places, go on a road trip, anywhere we want. But of course, we are in quarantine, so we can’t do that so again we have to be patient. Patience is the key, and actually it’s a virtue.” Xia stated.

The very grateful Xia ended her vlog by thanking her Viva family, and everyone who become a part of her birthday bash.

As another year is added to this promising young actress, we can’t deny the fact she’s continuing to impress us with her way of thinking and expressing herself at her age. Xia inspires other kids and some adults as well on how she sees things.