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Drilon running for president? He says ‘count me out’

Hananeel Bordey



Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon on Wednesday said he would not be running for a higher position come 2022 presidential elections.

In an interview over ABS-CBN News Channel, Drilon thumbed down suggestions to run for higher office as he is considered a “presidential material”.

But definitely, he added, his political party, Liberal Party, would field a candidate for the the presidency.

“Yes, the opposition will have a (presidential) candidate but count me out,” he said.

He added that while they are preparing for this, the party does not want to prejudice its efforts to help the country who is faced with COVID-19 threats.

“We are preparing but in a manner that is consistent and that would not prejudice our efforts to help our country in terms of being able to recover from this very difficult situation we are in today,” Drilon previously said.