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Navotas stops all construction during ‘Q’

Raymart Lolo



The Navotas City government has ordered a halt on all construction operations during the imposed two-week lockdown.

City Advisory 1, Series of 2020, stated that starting 5 a.m., today, until 11:59 p.m., 29 July, all private construction work and activities within Navotas City shall be stopped.

“All building owners, contractors, and construction professionals are instructed to stop all construction activities immediately and observe full compliance during the effectivity of the Executive Order,” the advisory reads.

“All are advised to properly secure all structures, equipment, devices and all other objects that may pose hazard or cause injury/loss of life and property for the safety of the public,” it added.

Executive Order TMT-038 implemented a lockdown within Navotas City during the same period, unless otherwise extended.

The lockdown aims to control and limit the community transmission of the coronavirus disease in the city, while the City Health Office conducts extensive targeted mass testing.

During the lockdown period, residents holding quarantine passes shall be allowed to leave their household only during scheduled market days.

Essential workers for industries allowed to operate outside Navotas were also given the permission to leave for their respective workplaces and return home even during the lockdown upon presentation of a valid company ID or certificate of employment.