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Dine-in or delivery? Take your pick!



CHEF Jessie’s Baked Cheesecake.

Missing the leisurely fine-dining experience in your favorite restaurant — Chef Jessie Rockwell Club — and craving for the course-by-course dishes thoughtfully prepared by no less than chef Jessie Sincioco herself? The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown set in place in an attempt to contain it effectively shut down all restaurants, including the ones you so dearly love.

Now that the strict enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) has shifted to the more relaxed general community quarantine (GCQ), restaurants have started to reopen — first for pick-up and delivery, and now for dine-in — so that you can begin to once again enjoy the food that the lockdown has denied you for months.

Dine-in or delivery? Take your pick! It is interesting to note, however, that people who take the Covid-19 threat seriously still prefer to have food delivered to their respective homes and partake of them at home. For this, chef Jessie’s food is just a phone call away. Preparing and dispatching food orders from her building, Chef Jessie’s Place, located at 1997 Pililia Street corner Obrero and Tanay streets in Makati City, chef Jessie herself has put together a take-out menu that allows customers the pleasure of sitting down to a full-course lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

For the appetizer, chef Jessie offers her signature smoked salmon caviar pie with croutons in three sizes, depending on how many people will partake of it. She has also picked her best-selling Caesar’s Salad in the Classic Way for the salad course.

Soup is a choice among creamy shrimp bisque, cream of fresh mushroom, cream of carrot and pumpkin, and seafood and corn chowder.

CHILEAN sea bass fillet with pan-fried goose liver.

Since the main course is the main event in any meal, chef Jessie lists down a lot of choices, from beef and pork to fish, seafood and poultry — grilled Prime Black Angus beef tenderloin (180 grams), grilled Prime Black Angus rib-eye (250 grams, with six sauce selections), US Black Angus beef tenderloin tips salpicao, US Beef cheeks and mushroom ragout, Iberian chestnut pork barbecue, grilled Chilean sea bass topped with pan-fried goose liver, pan-fried Chilean sea bass in Mariner Sauce, baked Chilean sea bass in miso sauce, grilled salmon in Berlinoise sauce, grilled tiger prawns in lemon butter sauce (three pieces), grilled duck à l’orange and chicken cordon bleu with homemade potato chips.

All these are the most frequently ordered dishes on the restaurant’s regular menu.

Also on the take-out menu are sandwiches for diners who want a light and handy meal. There are four choices — Club Classic, grilled ham and cheese, smoked salmon and Trio Pandesal (chicken adobo, corned beef and sardines) — all on chef Jessie’s famous ciabatta bread and served with potato chips. This is the bread that the restaurant serves dine-in guests while they wait for their orders to be served, and it comes with chef Jessie’s Special Dip (olive oil with garlic, onion, bell pepper, Parmesan cheese and secret herbs and spices).

SPAGHETTI a la Jessie.

So, to round out the chef Jessie fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home, the ciabatta bread (a whole loaf of it!) and the Special Dip (in a 220-gram bottle) are also available for take-out.

Still for customers who want something light for lunch or dinner, six pasta dishes have been included in the take-out menu — a la Jessie, a la crème with truffle, pomodoro with seafood, bolognese, carbonara and puttanesca — with a choice of spaghetti, linguine or penne for the pasta.

CHOCOLATE Decadence Cake.

One risotto dish has also been included on the menu, wild rice vegetable risotto, which comes in two sizes and can be ordered plain or with chicken and prawns.

For dessert, which is the best part of the meal for the sweet tooth, the restaurant’s three most frequently ordered choices are the ones available for take-out — Crepe Samurai (good for two), Princess Carmen Slice and Chef Jessie’s Sapin-Sapin.

Customers can also order whole cakes, and there are six selections on the menu. These are chef Jessie’s award-winning mango sponge cake called My Tita’s Special Treat (the cake that won the Grand Prize in the Great Maya Cookfest of 1983 and started Chef Jessie on her culinary career), buttercream and meringue layered Princess Carmen with pistachio (named after chef’s mother because it was her favorite cake), Chocolate Decadence Cake (available in regular and sugar-free variants), Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake (nicknamed M Cake),Chocolate Gateau a La Teddy Keng (named after one of chef’s friends, The Landmark founder Teddy Keng, who challenged and inspired the chef to create the cake) and Chef Jessie’s Baked Cheesecake with Blueberry, Cherry and Mango Topping.

ROAST U.S. Black Angus rib-eye in Bordelaise sauce.

Why, you can even order chef Jessie’s Premium Roast Coffee to end the meal with and complete your Chef Jessie course-by-course dining experience at home!

To order, call 0917-8967880, 0917-8330797 or 0977-0976649. You can either pick up your order at Chef Jessie’s Place or have it delivered. Either way, make sure it is done between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

But just in case you do not wish to replicate the dining experience at home and would rather really dine in at the restaurant, Chef Jessie Rockwell Club is now open for dine-in every day, but operating hours have been adjusted to conform to the rules set by the government as the “new normal.” You can dine in between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and strictly by reservation only. Call 8890-6543, 8890-7630, 7729-0122 or 0917-8967880 for reservations.

Under the GCQ, restaurants are now reopening their doors for delivery, pick-up and dine-in. But with restrictions on time, dining set-up, number of people allowed inside the restaurant, seating arrangement and manner of ordering and payment to ensure that social distancing and other safety rules and guidelines are followed.