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Xian gets bittersweet birthday

Care Balleras



FOR Lim life is full of ups and downs. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/XIAN LIM

Xian Lim celebrated his 31st birthday on a bittersweet note days after his home network, ABS-CBN was denied of fresh franchise.

Despite receiving overflowing gifts and support, Xian did not save space for a birthday post on his own feed aside from his mom’s birthday greeting.

On the said text message, Xian’s mom wrote, “Thank you for being a good son. Thank you for being my son.”

Meanwhile, Xian’s real-life partner, Kim Chiu, joined him in an intimate celebration at home. The Love Thy Woman star also shared her gratitude toward Xian hours before the birthday ended.

“(The year) 2020 is a tough year, full of uncertainty and worries. I just want to say thank you for existing! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, for being you and for never getting tired of listening to me. No extended captions, just want to say thank you always!” Kim Chiu wrote.

Kim and Xian have been tested individually this pandemic because of nonstop controversies revolving around their network’s franchise renewal. However, the two remained resilient and more in love than ever.

Keeping his sanity

Known for his limitless talents when it comes to musical instruments. Xian evidently releases all of his emotions by playing in solitude as seen on his IG feed.

Apart from his numerous song covers on Instagram, Xian also took his piano skills to his Youtube channel after he received his newest Kawaii G5 Grand Piano.

Cooking has also been Xian’s refuge in dealing with quarantine pressures. He generously shares everything to his fans, from his grocery runs to his cooking process.

As one of this generation’s most sought-after hunks, he also unfalteringly conducts full-blown workouts on social media.

And proving that he is a versatile man, Xian does all of these while still complying with his work. The recent release of UnTrue on Netflix reminded the fans about Xian’s stellar performance as Joachim. He also stays active as he does his own way of endorsing products while staying at home.

Despite all the challenges he faces personally and work-wise, Xian remains strong by being productive and inspiring others to work harder in these trying times.

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