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PETA holds int’l online workshop for kids




The PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) continues to cultivate its online platform this month of July. The success of Let’s Get Creative Plus, the company’s paid and exclusive online workshop program, has proven that the virtual platform is not a hindrance for theater enthusiasts in seeking opportunities where their love for the arts can intersect with learning.

The class is open to children ages seven to 10 years old and will be conducted via Zoom. Classes will be daily from 19 to 23 July, with each session running for two hours. With a limited number of 10 to 12 students per class, the kids are sure to undergo a fun learning experience facilitated by PETA Artist-Teachers.

To enroll in these online workshops, log in to, or contact Betita through Viber at 0926-406-6858 or betitasarmie[email protected] You may find PETA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @petatheater and YouTube

Having mastered the online workshop form has pushed the company into searching for avenues where learning through theater can be broadened and brought to new audiences. PETA will be bringing the Filipino theater experience to children all over the world. With a program especially centered on OFW families, the company will be bringing its hit workshop, Children’s Theater, to Filipino kids in the Middle East as an initial step into the international market.

Let’s Get Creative Plus-Middle East is a course designed to familiarize children with the tools and skills needed to express their budding creativity. It also serves as an opportunity for kids abroad to reconnect with the Filipino culture through PETA’s signature integrated arts approach, where they will be immersed in the art of rhythmic movement, dance, songs, games, painting, puppetry, storytelling and role-playing. The experience is enriched with the prospect of creating bonds with fellow Filipino kids from different countries exposing themselves to different cultures while strengthening not only their identities as Filipinos, but also as young artists.