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BETSY Cola said that LGBTQ+ people, like everyone else, deserve to love freely and to exist unapologetically. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF LAZADA

Lazada celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride Month with an online show LGBTQ+ Pride Month was far from canceled, judging from the slew of different events online. One was a show called “Pride is aLIVE,” hosted by Southeast Asian ecommerce company Lazada together with Publicis JimenezBasic and Spark It!

Hosted by beauty vlogger Johnrey Almonte (@johnreyslife), a proud member of the LGBTQ+ and morena community advocating for beauty for all genders and colors, “Pride is aLIVE” was live-streamed in-app on LazLive on 27 June at 6 p.m., where members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies showcased Pride-themed activities such as drag performances and tutorials by drag queens KatKat Dasalla and DeeDee Holiday, song performance by American Idol Season 11 finalist Jessica Sanchez, and workout classes by 808 Studio and Ride Revolution, as well as members of the community “Marching From Home” to the beats of DJ Joey Santos.

‘American Idol Season 11’ finalist and singing sensation Jessica Sanchez.

P143 for #PrideForGood

Leveraging LazadaForGood, Lazada’s digital charity platform, non-profit and non-government organizations (NGO) LoveYourself and Bisdak Pride have also come onboard to drive awareness on HIV testing and treatment alongside the LGBTQ+ community.

To amplify the #PrideForGood message, illustrators Betsy Cola (@betsy.cola), Jer Dee (@jer.dee) and Jouache (@jouache) have also lent their interpretations of love in specially designed heart badges and their messages to the public.

“This illustration is a reminder for everyone that there comes freedom once you start being gentle to yourself as someone who struggled with queerness. Taking pride starts with self-acceptance and the power of love follows,” Jouache explained his badge.

Jouache’s illustration reminds everyone of

On the other hand, Betsy Cola said: “Love can be found in other people but it’s also loving oneself! Pride is a reminder that it’s still a struggle for the LGBTQ+ community to be truly understood and accepted. LGBTQ+ people, like everyone else, deserve to love freely and to exist unapologetically.”

“For my badge, I wanted to highlight our trans brothers and sisters. I thought of creating this colorful androgynous deity with a beaming smile, spreading love and kindness to everyone. The colors I’ve chosen are also loosely based on the trans pride flag with are blue, pink and white,” Jer Dee explained.

For P143, reminiscent of the symbol for “I Love You,” consumers could donate directly to the causes of the LGBTQ+ NGOs and receive the heart badge design.

Supporting and joining the movement


Jer Dee wanted to honor the trans people with this artwork.

For consumers looking to “march from home” for the movement, various Pride-themed collections including clothing and accessories were made accessible on queer-owned Vaklang Store.

Shoppers joined the movement and celebration by using the Lazada #PrideForGood filter on Instagram.

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