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San Lazaro Hospital denies lack of PPEs, robot-like treatment of nurses

Gabbie Parlade



San Lazaro Hospital has denied allegations of insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) for its staff, but admits that several of its health care workers have tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement, the hospital said that they still have sufficient supplies of PPEs and N95 masks that could last for a month while they continue to monitor their daily inventories.

The management, however, admitted that even more of the earlier mentioned 40 health workers have acquired the virus.

The hospital’s response came in the midst of allegations thrown against the management, as some of its nurses decried that they were treated as “robots and not human beings.”

They also claimed that the lack of proper suits led to the infection of about 40 health workers.

Nonetheless, the San Lazaro Hospital said that it would adopt a work schedule arrangement, as well as psychosocial and debriefing sessions, where health workers can address their concerns with a psychiatrist.

“The management agreed on the work schedule arrangement proposed and recommended by Supervisors and staff of the Nursing Division that allows less days of work in a week for them to have more rest days,” they said.

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