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‘Ghosting’ movie undergoes renaissance

Pauline Songco



MARCO Gumabao, Lovi Poe and Tony Labrusca’s film Hindi Tayo Pwede turns heads with its extraordinary love story. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/GUMABAOMARCO

Lovi Poe has proven in time that she does wonders in every role she has to portray; a journalist, admired singer, the other wife, an overseas Filipino worker and most recently, a woman caught up in the most unusual love triangle you could ever imagine.

Hindi Tayo Pwede, penned by famed writer Ricky Lee and directed by the esteemed Joel Lamangan, narrates the story of couple Gab (Lovi Poe), Gabby (Tony Labrusca) and their closest friend, Dennis (Marco Gumabao).

Everything was well in their lives, specifically Gab and Gabby who enthusiastically await the most special day of their lives. But fate went for the cruel path — Gabby succumbed to a vehicular accident a day before their wedding. Needing a shoulder to cry on, Dennis lent time to comfort Gab while she mourns the loss of her love.

TONY Labrusca, Lovi Poe and Marco Gumabao embroiled in a one of a kind love triangle for Hindi Tayo Pwede. SCREENCAP FROM NETFLIX

A year later, Dennis confessed that he has always loved her. Still emotionally wrecked because of what happened, Gab seemingly is confused about her own feelings for Dennis because Gabby is still very much present (literally or metaphorically) in her life.

The movie, which opened in theaters 4 March, offers more than just the intimate scenes shown on its trailer and posters, Poe said. “Sometimes, they really talk about the intimate scenes, how the movie looks good but we forget about how beautiful the story is.”

Those who haven’t had the chance to watch may grab the chance as Hindi Tayo Pwede heads to streaming platform Netflix this coming 4 August under the title Once Before.

Will Gab be able to clear her feelings for the two gentlemen? With Lovi, Tony and Marco on board, the movie is definitely sensational as they all said.

Hindi Tayo Pwede marks Lovi’s second project with director Joel Lamangan. Marco Gumabao recently starred in Just a Stranger with Anne Curtis. Tony, on the other hand, is currently playing an exciting role for Black Sheep’s first BL show Hello, Stranger.

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