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Taytay undergoes containment plan

Neil Alcober



The local government of Taytay, Rizal on Saturday announced that it will implement a localized zoning containment plan as part of its efforts to curb the further spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Taytay Mayor Joric Gacula disclosed that they will impose a hard lockdown on houses that have COVID-19 positive patients and houses that are within the 50-meter radius of the house of the COVID-19 positive patient will be declared under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

The local government will also put choke point areas at the entry and exit points of the said ECQ area and the Taytay mayor said that the local police will distribute a household zoning pass to houses that are under ECQ.

Gacula noted that the LGU will also provide one sack of rice and P5,000 worth of groceries as assistance to families who will undergo a 14-day house quarantine.

The Municipal Health Office, with the help of Taytay police and Barangay Health Emergency Response Team, will conduct an intensive contact tracing.

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