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Mindanao builds more FMR




Photo credti: Facebook —Department of Public Works and Highways @dpwhph

BUTUAN CITY — The Department of Agriculture has allocated P608 million for the construction of 35 farm-to-market roads (FMR) in different provinces in the region to provide farmers more access to market centers.

DA-13 Regional Executive Director Abel James I. Monteagudo underscored the importance of investing in infrastructure development to ensure food security and converting farming areas in the region into resilient communities.

“Infrastructures like FMR would improve logistics and linkages of production areas to the domestic and export markets,” Monteagudo said.

Of the 35 FMR allotted for Caraga this year, seven projects with a total budget of P163 million are now being constructed while the remaining 28 are still already scheduled for fund release.

“FMR give better leverage to farmers’ access to better prices and make their products more saleable,” Monteagudo said, pointing out that FMR reduce handling losses and give the farmers more profit and more returns from their produce.

“It’s not only profit that the farmers could enjoy out of the FMR but the accessibility it gives brings in basic services like health services, access to school, and security,” Monteagudo added.

DA-13 said a total of 121 FMR with a total length of 185.6 kilometers with a total worth of P1.9 billion have already been implemented in the different provinces in the region from 2015 to 2019.

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