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Isko keeps city safe with Go Manila app

Raymart Lolo



MANILA taxpayers now have the option to settle their dues anytime and from anywhere. (Photo: Manila PIO)

It’s a dangerous world out there and Manila wants to spare its residents from the elements, especially the coronavirus that’s ready to pounce on anyone.

Through the Go Manila app, Manileños don’t have to go out anymore to pay real property and business taxes.

Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso said basic services and transactions at the Manila City Hall are also available online and can be availed of from anywhere in the world.

“Taxpayers do not have to be physically present at the Manila City Hall to pay their dues,” said Domagoso. “This app can be accessed 24/7. As much as possible, don’t go to City Hall so we could limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19.”

Domagoso assured taxpayers of ease of use, seamless transaction and data privacy and security when using the Go Manila app.

Basic government transactions offered by the app include requests for community tax certificate, civil documents and occupational health permits.

Other services are-wallet, prepaid load and payment for electricity bills, water bills, cable and internet dues, and telecommunications, among others.

“More services will be offered by the Go Manila app, including payment for fines from traffic violations,” said Domagoso.

Go Manila app was initially launched in 2014 to provide real-time traffic updates within the capital city.