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Barge in oil spill rapped by PCG

Pat C. Santos



THE damaged hull of Barge 102. Photo by PCG

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has filed a complaint for violations of Section 107 of the Philippine Fisheries Code against barge operator AC Energy Inc. over the oil spill incident last 3 July off the waters of Iloilo.

The PCG filed the case at the Iloilo Provincial Prosecutor’s Office on Fridy against AC Energy president John Eric Francia and Power Barge No. 102 plant manager Roberto Gambito.

An explosion ripped a hole in the hull of the barge with oil contaminating the coastal areas of about 23 communities in Iloilo City, the municipality of Dumangas and Guimaras, as well as a one-hectare mangrove forest in Iloilo.

It also displaced hundreds of families or 400 locals.

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