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In love and laughs

Care Balleras



Donnalyn confesses being in love with a mystery guy. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/DONNALYNBARTOLOME

An hour of love and laughs swiftly passed by when Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles (KimJe), Julian Trono and Ella Cruz (JulianElla) and Donnalyn Bartolome shared pieces of advice on love and good vibes during Viva’s “Love Out Loud” last 27 June.

Fans had a good night as they heard the stories behind their favorite Viva love teams.

Donnalyn’s mystery guy

Despite going solo in the event, Donnalyn revealed that a “pusong Pinoy” has already won her heart. KimJe and JulianElla encourage the “Kakaibabe” singer to reveal her mystery guy’s name. The other two couple went on a guessing game on who the guy is by mentioning possible matches which include YouTubers Ranz Kyle and Kimpoy, Ynigo and Marco Gumabao.

While KimJe and JulianElla root for the Donna and Marco tandem, they were very vocal about how excited they are to meet the celeb-vlogger’s real boyfriend. Who knows, Donna might have someone beside her in Viva’s next online event?

Sweet start of JuliaNella

Recalling their sweet start, Ella shared, “Nagkaroon na kami noon ng puppy love tapos niligawan niya ako pero siyempre probinsyana ako so nagulat ako (We had puppy love then he courted me but since I came from the province, I got shocked).”

Meanwhile, Julian had a heartwarming response when asked how he knew Ella was the one.

Julian Trono and Ella Cruz walk down the memory lane as they share their sweet beginnings.
Photograph courtesy of IG/ELLACRUZ

“Nagkita na lang kumi ulit sa Viva. Nung nag-meet kami ulit may home na feel. Kahit nagkita kami after how many years, hindi pa rin nagbago yung feeling (We met each other again in Viva and the “home” feeling remained. Despite seeing each other after a long time, the feeling from before never changed),” Julian shared.

The two started as young stars, and now continues to be a formidable love team on the dance floor.

KimJe in the future

Kim and Jerald have been in love with each other even before they became popular in mainstream film and TV. They’ve known each other for too long that the subject of a future together has been discussed.

When Donnalyn asked the couple if they are willing to sacrifice their careers over building a family, they both replied that family comes first.

Jerald shared, “Family first kasi anak mo yun eh. Buhay kasi yon eh. For me, kung kailangang i-give-up ang career, there is a reason. Maybe the family needs you (Family first because that’s your child — it’s a living being. For me, if I have to give up my career, that’s a reason. Maybe the family needs you).”

Long-time couple Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles share their plan for the future.
Photograph courtesy of IG/KIMSMOLINA

Kim may have the same response but highlighted that she will only give up her career for a year or two to become a hands-on mom but will definitely go back to the limelight.

Despite being together for a long time, KimJe shared that they are still adjusting to each other especially in their live-in setup which only started because of lockdown.

The first installment of “Love Out Loud” is definitely one for the books. More is yet to come as Viva will have another round of the online event on 31 July with Matteo Guidicelli, Bela Padilla, Yam Concepcion and Xian Lim. Stay tuned!

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