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EDSA Busway, new stops make commuting easier

Alvin Murcia



A designated bus stop along EDSA (DOTr)

Department of Transportation and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority personnel inspected a stretch of EDSA in preparation for new bus stops and lanes.

DoTr Assistant Secretary Goddes Hope Libiran said 550 buses are expected to use the EDSA Busway upon full operations.

The EDSA Busways are dedicated and controlled lanes exclusively for accredited public utility buses. These are protected from disruption of other vehicles to guarantee the safety of drivers and passengers and minimize traffic congestion and delays.

“Full operations of the EDSA Busway will run after we secure the entire stretch of the busway and finish the designated bus stops,” said Libiran. “We are waiting for the delivery of 36,000 concrete barriers which will be placed from Monumento to PITX. Delivery of these barriers will start next week.”

Apart from the Metro Rail Transit bus augmentation, the following mini-loops are implemented: Monumento to Quezon Ave (to start on Monday; PITX to Ayala (to start on Monday); and Timog to Santolan (to start operation on Wednesday).

Libiran said 30 bus units will initially be dispatched in the Monumento to Quezon Ave and PITX to Ayala mini loops without fare increase.

For those who will ride the MRT-3 bus augmentation, fare is still P25 per passenger.

Meanwhile, MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago said bus stops along EDSA are still being improved.

The bus stops that need completion: MCU (fences, concrete barriers); Bagong Barrio (fences, concrete barriers); Clover Balintawak (concrete barriers) ; Royal Kaingin (concrete barriers); Roosevelt-Munoz (concrete barriers); North Avenue (concrete barriers); Quezon Avenue (concrete barriers); Kamuning (ongoing construction); Q-Mart (x); Main Avenue (waiting for concrete barriers); Santolan (waiting sheds/concrete barriers ) ; Ortigas Avenue (waiting sheds/concrete barriers); Guadalupe (almost complete/concrete barriers); Ayala (x); Taft Avenue (x); and Pasay (x).

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