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Rerouting travel goals

Care Balleras



Scenic St. Petersburg to add to your travel goals after the pandemic is over. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF THEJAKARTAPOST

Social media feeds this season are supposed to be filled with travel photos. I myself started the year jotting local and international places I wish to set foot on.

All these remain in my imagination because images of repatriated flights are the only “travel” photos we see nowadays.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has been conducting repatriations of overseas filipino workers (OFW) because of the surrounding dangers brought by the pandemic.

Recently, Filipinos both visitors and workers were sent home by DFA through its special flights. All our fellowmen coming from neighboring Asian countries, Africa and the USA successfully came home after being stranded for a long time.

As of 21 June, there are 51,113 OFW facilitated by DFA to go home — 21,811 of this portion are land-based while the remaining 29,302 are sea-based.

These are the current figures and more is yet to come. Unfortunately, these are the only travel news we can encounter until the end of the year.

Our dreams of capturing summer photos in our favorite spots in Korea are now being granted through screens by binge-watching KDramas. The cherry blossom season of Japan just passed without us seeing it personally.

By the time I was slowly forgetting about the opportunity to visit Russia’s St. Petersburg even without a visa, Anastasia coming to Netflix made me relive my dream destination.

And even our planned getaways to the scenic places of Palawan and Batanes with our respective barkadas were put on hold.

I am still hopeful with the phrase “on hold” because I know that as soon as the micro beast is cleared from our shores, we will reconnect with our travel goals one trip at a time.