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Consuming less while in quarantine

Sundy Locus




The summer season is over. With the start of the rainy season comes the colder days and the gloomy afternoons accentuated with heavy downpour.

This may be the perfect weather to stay up in bed but coincidentally, the onset of the wet season marked the relaxing of restrictions of the community quarantine imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work restarts for some industries now that Metro Manila is under the general community quarantine but most people remain inside the safety of their homes to curb the rising number of virus infections. Some employees are still under remote work while students are gearing up for online classes.

After the eye-popping rise in electric consumption during the enhanced community quarantine, it high time to look back and review some tips on how to save up on energy consumption:


Preparation is key. Chopping up ingredients and defrosting your food in the refrigerator before turning on appliances will not only help save cooking time but will also lessen the use of electricity.

One hack is to keep food covered while it thaws as uncovered food releases moisture and can force your refrigerator’s compressor to work harder and suck up energy.

Double cooking portions. Trying to have a balanced time for work and family? Cooking in large portions and reheating them at once will help you reduce energy consumption as well as time in meal preparations. Also, reheating food takes a lot less energy than cooking it twice.

Keep your cookwares clean. Scrubbing dirt out of your burner pans will create dramatic results. More than an aesthetic, the reflective shine on pans reflects heat up to the cookware. Blackened pans absorb more heat, making it less efficient.

CHOPPING up ingredients and defrosting it before turning on the appliances helps save on electricity.


Let the natural light in. Embrace every Let the natural light in. Embrace every morning by opening up your curtains and letting the sunshine in. This will make your homes livelier and will greatly reduce the electricity you use during the day. Not only that but working in a well-lit room will help boost your productivity if you are working from home. Try to use bright-colored curtains and position your work desks near your windows.

Make your walls vibrant. Always opt for light colors when choosing hues for your walls. Lighter colors are better in reflecting light which equates to lesser use of energy.

Bundle up. Time to rack your closets! Turn off your heater and wear your thickest clothes.


Change your beddings. Warm up by switching your thin and breathable linens for extra blankets and heavy comforters. Certain materials are designed to trap heat better than others so instead of using heater, search for beddings that are perfect for the season.

Turn off the lights before sleeping. Dimming the lights before bedtime will help create a healthy sleeping environment and lessen the use of electricity.

Use an extension cord. Unplugging devices is crucial in reducing electric consumption. The easiest way to do this is to use an extension cord and to unplug it before drifting to sleep.


Use energy-efficient light bulbs. Energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogen incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps, and light emitting diodes are typically priced higher but its efficiency makes it a greater option. These types of fixtures use about 25 percent to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent and can last three to 25 times longer.

Unplug appliances. In case you are not familiar with ‘vampire electricity,’ it is the power your appliances consume if you let them on standby. Make sure to unplug devices if they are not in use and it will keep your electricity bills low.

Opt for energy-saving appliances. Look for the Star Energy symbol. Appliances with this sign are energy-efficient and are not harmful to the environment.

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