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‘Ube-licious! New purple yam treats to try

Whatever the reason is, the fact remains that ube is a favorite flavor of Pinoys young and old, rich or poor, and that no other flavor has been able to topple it from the top spot.



There’s something about ube (purple yam) that makes it one of the top favorite flavors and ingredients of Pinoys — be it in ice cream, iced desserts, breads, cakes or what-have-yous. It is curious, really, why Pinoys like it so much, considering that ube is not a fruit, not a vegetable but a root crop. Its natural flavor is not so pronounced, and some chefs even believe the flavor of ube is more psychological than anything else. Its purple color, so attractive and pleasing to the eyes, must have an effect on its flavor. Whatever the reason is, the fact remains that ube is a favorite flavor of Pinoys young and old, rich or poor, and that no other flavor has been able to topple it from the top spot. My own late dad loved having a scoop or two of ube ice cream after lunch or dinner, and my late mom’s favorite snack was ube cake.

Small wonder why bakers and pastry chefs keep coming up with new ube creations that oftentimes turn out to be big hits. Here are some of the new ube treats that have just been introduced in the market, and they are all worth a try.

Ube cheese pandesal is all the rage these days, more so during the height of the lockdowns, which forced everyone to stay home and, left with not much to do, led them to pick up baking as a productive hobby. Guess what the majority of home bakers during the lockdoen baked at least once? Ube cheese pandesal! Different versions, different tastes — from plain ube pandesal to ube pandesal with cheese filling to ube pandesal with cheese and halayang ube filling.


The French Baker has recently come up with its own ube cheese pandesal, thus setting the standard for other commercial and home bakers to follow. It is six huge and hefty ube cheese Pandesals in a pack, each loaded with cheese and ube halaya made from dahl pea, so that it weighs 66 grams. It sells at P210 per pack and is available in all The French Baker stores.

The online bakery, Midnight Bakers, admits that its top-selling breads and pastries are those with ube. It has on its menu ube cheese pandesal, ube egg pie, ube ensaymada, ube loaf and its best-selling Nautilus Bread. Getting its name from the fact that it is shaped like a nautilus shell (considered “a living fossil”), the bread is loaded with not just ube halaya and cheese but macapuno as well. All three ingredients go perfectly with each other, so a slice of Nautilus gives everyone a burst of complementing flavors in the mouth with every bite.

Instead of cutting it up and putting it in clusters the traditional way, Midnight Bakers decided to form the bread into a roll to be unique, added some decorations on the dough and curled it to form a nautilus shape. You slice it into sections when you eat it, with each slice guaranteed to provide a generous amount of ube, cheese and macapuno. The huge Nautilus Bread sells at P495.

Nautilus of Midnight Bakers. / PHOTOGRAH courtesy of midnight bakers

To order, call or text 0918-9628158. Since Midnight Bakers bakes their breads and pastries fresh on the day of delivery, make sure you pre-order a few days in advance. The online bakery delivers all over Metro Manila and beyond.


One of the most famous new ube breads in town, Huve Brioche is highly respected chef Sau del Rosario’s creation. After his Vuco Fye and Heg Fye paved the way for the extremely talented chef’s handcrafted baked goods line, he developed Huve Brioche as his answer to the ube cheese pandesal trend. It is so like Chef Sau to not just follow a trend but to innovate on it. Just like with the first two, he experimented on it several times before deciding that he had hit the perfect recipe. And just like the first two, he gave his third creation a playful name.

“In Pampanga, we have this habit of adding H to any word that starts with a vowel, and Kapampangans interchangeably pronounce P as F and F as L for instance,” explains Chef Sau, who hails from Pampanga and runs two restaurants, Café Fleur and 25 Seeds, in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines.

Huve Brioche by chef Sau del Rosario. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CHEF Sau del Rosario

For the Huve Brioche, he has chosen to use the brioche dough to work with, since he has an extensive French cooking background. He rolls the dough out, tops it with a generous amount of homemade ube halaya, rolls it into a log, makes plenty on incisions on the log of bread on the outer side, curls it into a round pan, and bakes it. The result: 500 grams of real ube and 500 grams of buttered dough in an awesome loaded brioche bread.

All three creations of his (and more, including Tsokolateh Heg Fye) are available for delivery in Pampanga and Metro Manila on scheduled days. To order and inquire about delivery dates and prices, call or text 0917-1928343, email [email protected]

Cakes in tin cans and in paper tubs. These are the hottest new items in cakes today, and La Royale Patisserie by innovative chef Edward David Mateo will certainly not be left behind. Already known for his delicious ube cake (in three layers, measuring eight by four inches; and in six layers, measuring eight by six inches) filled with real ube halaya, he has made a tub version. His new ube cake in a tub is composed of an ube chiffon cake layer topped with ube halaya, custard and ube whipped cream, and it sells for P370 per tub. If you really like ube cake, then go for this because it has a generous helping of real ube halaya, which you can feel and taste with every bite.

Ube Cake. / PHOTOGRAPH courtesy of Royale Patisserie

He has two other flavors in his Cakes-in-Tubs series: Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (P510), and Tres Leches Cake (P350), all measuring six inches in diameter.

To order, contact La Royale Patisserie at 0927-6724168, send a message through its FB page and Instagram account (royalepatisserieph), or visit La Royale Patisserie Food Group at 78 Mabini St. corner E. Rodriguez Sr., Barangay Doña Aurora, Quezon City. Delivery through Lalamove or Grab can be arranged.