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The taipan as a father





In various international publications, multibillionaire businessman Andrew Tan, founder, chairman, and president of Megaworld Corporation and chairman and CEO of Alliance Global Group Inc., is described as the “son of factory worker who put himself through college, worked in appliance store and later made his first fortune in brandy. His business interests are in food and beverage, real estate, gaming and tourism.”

The journey that brought Andrew to the pinnacle of Philippine big business and industry is a story founded on the strong values he lives by, his unwavering positive attitude, his creative genius and innovative approach to creating markets where there is none.

Outside of his business interests, though, Andrew Tan has done just as well is as a family man, specifically as a father. Which proves that one can have the best of both worlds. Success in business, Andrew has proven, need not hinder success in one’s family life.

THE Taipan and his son, Kevin.

Maria Rosa “Bing” Carrion wrote, “Giving one’s best is the foremost of the many values that Andrew has passed on to his sons, Kevin, Kendrick and Kester. “As I have done my best given the simple circumstances with which I began in life, I expect my sons to rise to the challenges that come with the state of life that we are in,” says Andrew. “There is no reason for them to relax and take it easy.”

Indeed, for sons Kevin, Kendrick and Kester, their father serves as a role model, and his experiences, an inspiration.

“I look up to my father and I listen to him when he says that life has its ups and downs. He has ingrained in my mind that the important thing is to be able to rise when one is down,” Kevin says.

As the oldest, Kevin admits that with “all of us having grown and being occupied with our own activities, things are quite different, unlike when we were younger when we often ate out. Today, it’s more often a one-on-one thing. For example, in a day’s work, Dad and I would have lunch together and that’s also when he tells me stories about his life, and the business that we’re in.”

He proudly speaks of Andrew as a “good father who’s passionate about his family and his business. At a young age, I learned from him the virtues that have molded me into the person that I am today. He taught me to be compassionate, patient and diligent, to keep my determination and focus and to be creative and innovative.”

Andrew says of his children, “I tell my children that they must be thankful to be so blessed. The best way to show their gratitude is by being helpful to other people, and paying forward so that the world becomes a better place to live in.”

Kevin adds, “My Dad always reminds us to give back firstly to the thousands of people who work for us, and secondly to charity. He always believes that our blessings are not just the result of our hard work but are also a gift from God. Taking care of people, especially those who work for us, is always on top of our list. We are generous because our Dad inculcated this trait in us.”