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Joy Melrose Cordova



By the Christmas tree, Harlow Sloane (with the red purse), with her Dad Ron, Mom Tricia and her “Lala” Baby Antonio seated beside her.

A young Filipina did us proud recently when she graduated from The Little School in San Francisco, California. A highly sought-after relationship-based progressive preschool, the Little School focuses on social-emotional learning with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion in their curriculum.

Our preschool graduate is Harlow Sloane Benitez daughter of Ron and Tricia Benitez, who own and operate Assembly Hall, a men’s, women’s and kids clothing boutique founded in 2011 in San Francisco’s Fillmore district (2011-2020) and now on Divisadero Street in the NoPa corridor (since 2018).

Relationship builder

According to Maria Lourdes “Baby Antonio, Harlow’s grandmother whom she calls “Lala,” our pretty graduate is called in their school as “the ‘relationship builder’” among her peers and also a “bridge“ who brings together new and seasoned students in her class, thus helping the new students feel comfortable in their new environment. At her young age, she is sensitive towards the feelings of others and conscious about making everyone feel included.

Problem solver

Throughout the school year, Harlow received numerous “hero badges,” her preschool’s equivalent of honors and awards. These hero badges highlighted her skills and good deeds, among them, as a problem solver, a team player and a positive role model to her classmates.

Harlow’s favorite subjects are Art and Dramatic Play. Outside of the classroom, she loves ice skating, swimming, ballet, arts & crafts, dancing and bike riding. She admires the Disney Princesses, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin being her favorite.

Even during the lockdown, Harlow kept herself busy attending daily morning zoom school sessions. She took advantage of her free time to learn all of her letters and how to sight read, engage in virtual play with friends, paint and draw, and learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.